Whitman Announces a New Major in Business Analytics

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Whitman Announces a New Major in Business Analytics

A distinctive characteristic of conducting business in the 21st century is collecting and utilizing vast amounts of data in decision making. The Whitman School has launched a new undergraduate major in business analytics to train tomorrow’s leaders and decision-makers to turn this wealth of data into powerful insights for business.

“As we prepare students for a world of accelerating change, we recognize the need to ensure that our students have even stronger analytical abilities. Our new major in Business Analytics provides students with the ability to develop expertise in collecting, analyzing, translating, and communicating data as part of their decision making. This set of abilities is increasingly important for success in the work force and meshes well as a strong complement to our functional majors,” says Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Master’s Education Alex McKelvie.

As organizations increase their reliance on data, having a command of business analytics gives job seekers a big advantage in any field. In a Gallup poll conducted for the Business-Higher Education Forum, over two-thirds of employers anticipated that by 2021 their organizations would give preference to job candidates with skills in data science and analytics.

Companies are looking to hire graduates with quantitative analysis backgrounds who can not only harvest and analyze data, but also develop business strategies based on their findings. According to a 2016 report by the McKinsey Global Institute, “Most companies are capturing only a fraction of the potential value from data and analytics” in part due to the challenge of “attracting and retaining the right talent. ...business translators who combine data savvy with industry and functional expertise.”

Starting this fall, students in the Whitman School’s Business Analytics program will have the opportunity to become well versed in all facets and business applications of data and analytics. Foundational knowledge in data management and analytics for business will arm students with the skills needed to collate and manage data from disparate sources. Specializations in financial analytics and marketing analytics, as well as other related areas, will teach students to draw insights from data and effectively communicate them to inform business decisions across a wide range of contexts, from improving the efficiency of operations to fine-tuning customer experiences.

Click here to learn more about the undergraduate program in business analytics at Syracuse University.

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