Supply Chain Professors Offer Thought Leadership and Expertise During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Whitman School’s supply chain management faculty are thought leaders in their space, frequently interviewed by top tier national media outlets. Below are recent placements secured for Julie Niederhoff, associate professor of supply chain management, Patrick Penfield, professor of supply chain practice and Rong Li, assistant professor of supply chain management. All the news items are related to supply chain risk resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Petalo, not Charmin: Virus brings Mexican toilet paper to US, AP New 9.15.20

Furniture industry struggles to keep up with incredibly high demand, CNY Central 9.10.20

Sizing up big business, Cortland Standard 9.5.20

Amazon moving into vacant mall space, Logistics Matters with DC Velocity 8.21.20

Stocked out: Why cleaning product supply chains struggle to meet demand, Supply Chain Dive 8.20.20

Toxic hand sanitizer recall due to ‘deliberate decision’ by manufacturers to cut costs, Fox Business 8.13.20

Will Amazon’s ‘mini-DCs’ help save American malls?, Chain Store Age 8.13.20

Toxic Hand Sanitizer Recall Due to ‘Deliberate Decision’ by Manufacturers to Cut Costs, Newsweek 8.12.20

Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant Demands Hit ‘Biblical Proportions’, Bloomberg Law 7.10.20

Grocery prices on the rise, GMA 6.11.20

Supply Chain and COVID-10, 5.19.20

Daimler temporarily suspends production in Alabama over supplier issues, Supply Chain Dive 5.18.20

Get Ready to Stand in Line for a Long Time Once Lockdown Ends, Daily Beast 5.18.20

What happens in Mexico during next 2 weeks will be crucial for Detroit, Detroit Free Press 5.15.20

Grocery prices have soared, 5.14.20

What’s behind egg and meat supermarket price spike, Good Morning America on ABC 5.13.20

Weeks into the pandemic still household essentials like disinfectant wipes haven’t been replenished on store shelves. The reason? What started with hoarding is now an international supply issue., CBS Newspath 5.13.20

Meat Shortage?, WSYR-AM 570 5.5.20

Is there a meat shortage?, Spectrum TV 5.5.20

When will the supply chain improve?, WKRN 5.5.20

US auto industry preps for restart — and it all depends on Mexico, USA Today 5.4.20

Supply chain amid COVID-19: When will shelves be fully restocked?, 5.4.20

Nation’s Food Supply – Meat Shortage?, NBC Nightly News 5.2.20

Amid Meat Supply Disruptions, Consumers Have Options, Consumer Reports 4.30.20

From Farm to Table: Is the Food Supply Chain Breaking?, CNN Podcast – Sanjay Gupta’s Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction 4.30.20

Don’t expect to see disinfectant wipes or sprays in stores anytime soon, experts say, CNN 4.29.20

Supply Chain Expert: grocery stores will not run out of meat, CNYCentral 4.29.20

Meat processing plants have become incubators for coronavirus. Trump reportedly wants to keep them open anyway., Vox 4.28.20

There’s going to be a huge glut of toilet paper after the coronavirus panic-buying subsides, a supply chain expert says, Business Insider 4.28.20

Lysol, Clorox wipes might be hard to find until August, professor says, 4.28.20

Household supply shortage, ABC Good Morning America 4.28.20

Meat processing plants across the US are closing due to the pandemic. Will consumers feel the impact?, CNN 4.27.20

Meat may disappear from store shelves because of supply chain disruption due to COVID-19, Fast Company 4.27.20

From toilet paper to beef, the supply chain is stressed, trying to adapt to COVID-19, 4.23.20

Fate of Ford F-150, Super Duty trucks depends on plant shredded by tornado, Detroit Free Press 4.22.20

The Food Chain’s Weakest Link: Slaughterhouses, New York Times 4.19.20

Meat factories are shutting down across the country: Will there be a shortage of food?, 4.14.20

Two large meat facilities shutdown because of too many employee COVID-19 cases, Food Safety News 4.14.20

Coronavirus supplies: Why thermometers have been hard to buy in the usual places, USA Today 4.13.20

Looking for Lysol spray and Clorox wipes? COVID-19 wiped out disinfectants, but here’s when you can buy again, USA Today 4.9.20

Coronavirus and shopping for supplies: Getting to the bottom of the toilet paper shortage, USA Today 4.8.20

Still seeing store shelves empty? Experts say supply chain is strong, CNYCentral 4.1.20

There’s plenty of toilet paper but good luck finding it, San Diego Tribune 3.20.20

Supply chain expert says you need to stop panic buying, CNYCentral 3.20.20

Don’t Become a Victim of Coronavirus Shopping Frenzy, Reader’s Digest 3.19.20

Toilet paper supplies plunge as crisis deepens, Daily Gazette 3.14.20

Why are we going mad at the supermarket?, localsyr 3.13.20

Don’t Become a Victim of Coronavirus Shopping Frenzy, NerdWallet 3.12.20