Executive Education Program Saving Local Companies Millions of Dollars

Six Sigma Projects Lead the Way in Cost-Savings

The executive education program at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management continues to help local companies evolve into efficient, cost-saving machines. Over the past 10 years, the program has led training courses and seminars at nearly 50 companies in the Central New York area, saving them over $15.56 million dollars in the process.

Although the program offers many customized training seminars, the Six Sigma courses are most popular and offer the largest opportunity for improvement for many companies. Whitman’s Six Sigma course is taught through a series of online training programs and four optional on-site days, offering professionals the chance to earn a “black belt” or “green belt” upon completion. Business leaders in a diverse range of industries have attended the course to develop strategies for process improvement.

“Our most popular course offering, Six Sigma allows companies to zero in on processes and find ways to make them more efficient,” said Patrick Penfield, Whitman’s director of executive education. “Often by finding the ‘waste’ in a process, companies can identify cost-savings and make it easier for employees to complete the work. We continue to hear positive feedback about the overall experience both personally and professionally.”

Penfield added that often manufacturing types or engineers attend the Six Sigma course but even administrative functions, such as finance, have benefited greatly from the tools and skills gained. At a recent culminating event at Anaren, Inc., Vice President of Human Resources Diane Moore explained how the company’s growth led to its participation in a recent six sigma course.

“As a result of rapid growth, we recognized that we had areas where we needed to increase throughput, productivity and quality,” said Moore. “So, we decided to look for a greenbelt program that we could bring on site to tailor it to what we were looking for.”

She said the groups of employees who participated ranged from finance staff reviewing invoice turnaround to process engineers who laid out how a product moves through the assembly line.

In addition to Anaren, the Whitman School has also worked with BNY Mellon, DHL, Welch Allyn, Inficon, Berry Plastics, St. Joseph’s Health and Beech-Nut.

For companies thinking about this type of training, Moore noted that Anaren was able to leverage a grant from the Workforce Development Institute that paid for 50 percent of the cost for the Six Sigma training. There are many other similar grant programs available for companies looking to train executives in a variety of skills and disciplines.

For more information about Whitman’s executive education program, including upcoming training dates and times, visit whitman.syr/execed.