Three Ways to Spring Clean Your Business Analytics

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean organizing the office or dusting filing cabinets. Consider refreshing the digital foundation of your business by removing the clutter from your analytics processes and systems.

Data quality is a key factor of successful business analytics use. Poor data quality can result in making negative business decisions and can cause inefficiencies in the business processes that require data, such as marketing. Removing clutter from your business analytics processes and systems can lead to better customer relationships, business decisions and goal achievements.

Here are three ways to spring clean your business analytics:

Scrub Your Data
Data errors can occur for a number of reasons, such as a customer misspelling information on an online form or having duplicate accounts. As part of your spring cleaning, correct or remove inaccurate records and unnecessary duplicate information from your databases. This will allow your data to better indicate value, and help you to gain more precise insights. Businesses can purchase data cleansing commercial software packages online. Data cleansing software identifies anomalies and errors using various standards and language filters, making scrubbing data easier.

Evaluate Analytics Goals and Objectives
Construct a list of your current business goals and objectives and identify measurable components. Then compare your prior analytics goals and objectives to this list. Do the analytics goals and objectives align with your list? If no, perhaps your analytics need an update. Before removing or adjusting any goals or objectives in your analytics system, be sure to save and archive the associated data for future reference.

Check Links
Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to find errors before your customers by checking and updating URL links. There are a number of reasons customers arrive on page-not-found messages, such as website structure changes. Review URL links not only on your website but in emails, marketing collateral and on social media pages. Taking preventive measures will help to improve your data quality by reducing the numbers of misdirected customers.


Arielle Spears