#WhitmanWatch: Alison Verp

Name: Alison Verp
Graduation Year: Spring 2019
Major(s)/Minor(s): Management and Public Relations (Whitman/Newhouse Dual)
Hometown: Demarest, New Jersey

Alison Verp’s grandmother attended Syracuse University as one of the first female architecture students. A woman with dreams and ambitions ahead of the times, she sought to resist the status quo and work in a competitive, male-dominated industry that was seen as “unfit” for women. According to Verp, while her grandmother could not complete her education, due to societal issues, she nevertheless taught those around her to have courage, face their fears and seize opportunities. These lessons led Verp to attend Syracuse University, where she felt could carry on her grandmother’s legacy, and pay homage to those who paved the way for women in the workplace, by taking advantage of the education offered to her and striving to achieve her career goals.

Verp majors in management and public relations as part of the Whitman/Newhouse Dual undergraduate program. During her time at Syracuse University, she has earned several internships and taken part in numerous experiential learning opportunities that make use of the skills she has acquired inside of the classroom. Verp has worked in the marketing, public relations and sales departments of JS Group International and at Cindy Riccio Communications in public relations. During her studies in Los Angeles through Newhouse’s LA Abroad, Verp served the business development department of Xposure Media, identifying partnership opportunities and creating competitive analyses. Verp noted that two of the most shaping experiences of her career so far were when she worked at Sony Pictures Entertainment (Sony) in L.A. and the New York Times.

“Entertainment and media organizations play a critical role in influencing today’s current climate of distrust,” said Verp. “Exploring these industries has helped me to better understand their positions.”

At Sony, Verp was employed in the event marketing and publicity departments, where she strategized campaigns and coordinated with the press and other events. At the New York Times, she worked in a marketing position that focused on partnership opportunities and outreach to corporations and educational institutions for subscriptions and events.

“Throughout each of these internships I was able to expand my skill set by working in a variety of communications positions across multiple industries,” said Verp. “I challenged myself by taking on new responsibilities and disciplines and I was able to build a strong network of mentors and peers.”

However, Verp doesn’t just spend time challenging herself in her career. She makes a point to give back to the community and help to better the people around her.

At the Whitman School, Alison served on the executive board of both Alpha Phi and the Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) business fraternity. With DSP, she was the vice president of community service, which included planning events, such as the annual DSP Blood Drive at the Whitman School, and donating to local organizations on behalf of the chapter.

Verp is also an active member of InclusiveU, a one-on-one mentorship program that brings together students of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities who want to experience college life in a fully inclusive setting to Syracuse University. Volunteering with InclusiveU was a natural choice, explained Verp. She has been volunteering with children with intellectual disabilities since the 6th grade.

To Verp, understanding inclusion and perpetuating acceptance is an integral part of being a well-rounded professional and person.

After graduation, Alison hopes to get a job on the West Coast in entertainment or explore the technology industry.

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