Jordan Jackson ’24 MBA Has Learned to Foster a Sense of Community While Earning Her Degree Online

For years, Jordan Jackson had thought about continuing her education, but the timing never seemed right. A graduate of Andrew’s University with a degree in journalism and communications, she finally made the leap in January 2022 when she enrolled at Syracuse University’s Whitman School in the online MBA program.

“Whitman’s MBA curriculum aligned with my professional development, as well as my goals for improving my skills and expertise in my current position,” says Jackson, who is a social media strategist at 2U, an educational technology company. “From browsing the Whitman website and learning about curriculum to working with the admissions team on my application and ultimately getting accepted into the program – everything fell into place so seamlessly.”

From the start, Jackson was determined to make sure that her online experience still made her feel connected to Whitman, her professors and her classmates. 

“I’ve learned many ways to foster a community within the University and with my classmates, even though I’m attending online,” she explains. “The Whitman program made it easy to communicate with others. Video chatting or Facetiming with other students in the program allowed me to make friends – some whom I’ve never even met in person. And, professors respond to you in such a timely manner and really make themselves available. It doesn’t matter that you’re not on campus; you’re still part of the Whitman community.”

She is, however, eager to meet some of her classmates and professors in January 2023 when she attends the Whitman online MBA residency program in New Orleans, which will focus on a Whitman Challenge. The online MBA program requires its students to attend a minimum of three residency programs, which are held either on the University campus or at other key sites around the country. Each residency focuses on a current business-related topic that helps students further their learning of real world issues, while also giving them a chance to interact with their cohort over a long weekend.

Jackson’s goal is to one day start her own consulting agency that handles public relations, marketing, digital brand strategy and more. “Earning an MBA online at Whitman will teach me to take my goals and turn them into ideation,” she says.

Until then, she will continue to complete her course requirements, with a goal to finish in December 2023. Jackson is eager to tap into the “amazing variety of electives offered” through the program, including Strategic Brand Management and Project Management, and apply those skills to her current position.

“Working full time and being in an online MBA program is challenging,” she admits. “But, I’m taking it step-by-step, managing my time and staying organized. I’m excited to see what the future holds.”