#WhitmanWatch: Hendrik Hilpert

Name: Hendrik Hilpert
Graduation Year: 2019
Majors: Finance & Economics
Hometown: Eiterfeld, Germany

When Hendrik Hilpert ’19 is not stopping shots at Syracuse University’s soccer stadium, he can often be found doing research in Ballentine Investment Center at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management and attending classes.

Hilpert is the goalkeeper on the SU men’s soccer team. He is also a finance and economics dual major between the Whitman School and the College of Arts and Sciences. According to Hilpert, he prides himself on being involved on a university-wide level, but especially enjoys being active in Whitman.

Being from Germany, Hilpert had many opportunities for high level collegiate soccer within the United States. After being visited by an associate head coach for the Orange, he said he was convinced that “SU is not just a great institution for athletes but also a place where ambitious students can grow and can get a high-level education.”

Hilpert asserted himself as a leader during his freshman year. He led the team to an ACC Championship title and a historic run to the NCAA Final Four.

Hendrik Hilpert ’19 Photo Credit: The Daily Orange

After his sophomore year at SU, he took his ambition to New York City where he interned for Citi, and according to Hilpert, it “was the greatest professional experience I have ever had in my life.”

Hilpert worked primarily in structured credit sales, but took the time to learn different areas of the business. His internship was a pilot program for Citi, allowing the company to develop a program geared toward sophomores and also give him an opportunity to learn from an early age.

“I had the opportunity to network with more than 100 professionals at Citigroup,” he said. “The learning curve regarding social and networking skills was very steep and the combination of hard and soft skills made my summer at Citi a perfect experience.”

One of the aspects of Whitman that Hilpert likes the most is the involvement of the professors both inside and outside the classroom. He said he likes that Whitman has a combination of professors from academic backgrounds as well as former real-world professionals. He is also impressed with the involvement of the professors. For example, he regularly meets with Michael LaMarche in the Whitman Career Services Center and has been introduced to a network of alumni through his finance professor Thomas Barkley.

His mentors extend far beyond the faculty and fellow students who he learns from every day, but the alumni in the sales and trading realm have also guided him to success. He is happy to have gotten to know several Whitman alumni at Citi, and would be honored to work there again post-graduation.

“I have to convince everyone at Citi that I might be able to add value to the company in the future,” Hilpert said. “This requires hard work and dedication. I know that Whitman will provide me with the necessary resources to be perfectly prepared and become the ‘master of my own destiny.’”

Hilpert has accepted an offer to return to Citi this upcoming summer. In the meantime, he will be pursuing an NCAA Soccer Championship in the coming months.

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