#WhitmanWatch: Dylan Gans ’18

Name: Dylan Gans
Graduation Year: 2018
 Major(s)/Minor(s): Finance Major and Public Communications Minor
Hometown: Hoboken, New Jersey

Dylan Gans ’18 has used his experience at Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management to put his passion for tech and startups to good use.

When Gans walked through the doors of the Whitman School freshman year he was committed to getting an internship for the following summer and leveraged the Whitman Impress Program to make that happen; he landed a finance and real estate internship at BNY Mellon, working with their back office division, building financial models to lessen their operating expenses and improve their bottom line.

“After returning to Syracuse for my sophomore year, I found myself fascinated with the world of tech and rapidly growing startups,” reflected Gans.

When he met Wiley Cerilli, the founder and CEO of Good Uncle, Gans saw an opportunity to put his passion into action. Wiley was in the early stages of developing the concept for Good Uncle, a food service that brings New-York-City-Quality-foods to communities like Syracuse. Gans was “immediately infatuated with the business concept” and soon after found his way onto the team.

“I ended up getting an internship with Good Uncle that summer in New York City,” explained Gans. “We launched in Syracuse in the fall of 2016 and I haven’t looked back. I returned to work there this past summer, and we launched at University of Delaware and University of Maryland.”

During this academic year, Good Uncle continued their expansion.

“I am really fortunate to be a part of such a great team that I love to work with and that continues to help me learn and grow.”

Now, he sees increasing responsibility as a member of the Good Uncle team and says, “the ‘internship’ really has not ever stopped.”

However,  the dedication he gives Good Uncle hasn’t prevented him from making an impact on the Syracuse campus. During his time at Syracuse University, Gans raised over $50,000 through planning and participating in campus philanthropic endeavors. He was involved with OrangeSeeds, co-founded an organization called VISION in the Blackstone LaunchPad,  was the philanthropy chair of his fraternity and is a teaching assistant for Alex Kostakis, professor of entrepreneurial practice at the Whitman School. He also co-founded Safe Driving Week, an event to commemorate a fallen brother, and spent a semester studying abroad in Hong Kong.

Now, as a senior, he serves on the student advisory board at the Blackstone LaunchPad where he advises student startups on methods to test their concepts, build go-to-market strategies, create financial models, identify competitive advantages and more. He also serves as a Dorm Room Fund campus organization network partner, student-run venture capital firm backed by First Round Capital that invests $20,000 into student startups.

Gans attributes much of his success to the offerings at the Whitman School and to his family.

“All my successes throughout college have been because of the incredible platform that Syracuse and Whitman create for its’ students…and my parents,” explained Gans.

After Graduation Gans will continue with the Good Uncle team in New York City.

“I am passionate about the mission of bringing great food to underserved markets and am incredibly lucky to be joining a team with so many professionals that I admire and love working with,” said Gans. “I have always loved working with a team to better communities and have found working with startups and tech to be a great platform to do this.”

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