#WhitmanWatch: Daniela Lisa

Name: Daniela Lisa
Graduation Year: 2017
Major(s)/ Minor: Marketing and Finance, (Minor) Political Science
Hometown: Emerson, New Jersey
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielalisa

When Daniela Lisa ’17 first visited Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management she fell in love with the campus and the many opportunities available to her as a student.

“Stepping onto campus for my very first time, I realized the Whitman School had all I needed in a business school,” said Lisa. “The small class sizes, the sense of community and the study abroad options made Whitman the right fit for me.”

To Lisa, one of the most beneficial aspects of her education at Whitman has been the ability to speak with alumni. During her sophomore year, Lisa went on the Goldberg Marketing Career Exploration Trip to New York City and was able to visit different marketing firms and meet and connect with former alumni. According to Lisa, listening to their stories helped her understand that everyone has their own unique experiences and career paths.

“The alumni are always willing to speak with me about their experience and career path, and answer any questions that I have related to the field,” said Lisa. “They taught me that there is no definite path to achieve a certain career.”

Lisa adds that the curriculum at Whitman allows students to explore courses, not only in business but in other areas. Taking advantage of this, Lisa decided to forge her own unique path by declaring a minor in political science, which she was inspired to do after taking a political science class as a sophomore.

“Even though finance, marketing and political science seem like completely unrelated areas of studies, they really aren’t all that different,” explained Lisa. “It’s interesting to see what the political environment was like during difficult business times, but also to see how certain business decisions affect the political landscape.”

Outside of the classroom, Lisa serves as the vice president of administration for the Whitman Student Government, where one of her primary responsibilities is to facilitate communication with students for their input on new initiatives. Lisa also maintains and updates the MyWhitman portal weekly to keep students informed of the Whitman Student Government’s events.

This past summer, Lisa gained hands-on experience and applied lessons from the classroom in the real world as a financial analyst at J.P. Morgan Chase. After a successful summer, Lisa received a full-time offer and will be returning to J.P. Morgan Chase as a financial analyst after graduation.

Alexander Straus