Five Ways to Make Money From Moving

With the end of the semester in sight, thousands of students will be spending the next few weeks packing up and moving off campus. Moving can be stressful, not to mention expensive—shipping boxes home, paying for storage or driving furniture across the country can quickly add up. But with a little creativity, there are plenty of ways that you can save money during a move, and maybe even make some cash on the side.

Host a yard sale
Rather than paying to store or ship old clothes and furniture, see if they can be of use to your friends and neighbors. As you begin to clean out your apartment or house, make a pile of the items that you’re willing to part with that are in good used condition. Pick a sunny day and set up shop in your yard or driveway.

Sublet your room for storage
For leases that last through the summer months, many college students are on the lookout for a sublet. Instead of adding your apartment to the long list of available rooms for the summer, find another way to fill the space. Sell your room as storage space to friends and neighbors, offering cheap rates for a secure place to leave their stuff. Off-campus summer storage can get pricy, but subletting your room to boxes can be an easy way that will benefit you and your friends.

Thrift your clothes
If you find your closet and your suitcase overflowing with more clothes than you need, it might be time to pay a visit to a thrift store. Local shops like 3fifteen, Boom Babies, or Plato’s Closet will buy some of your gently used clothing items, offering you the chance to clean out your closet for cash.

Offer moving services
If you have a car and a couple of days off between final exams, see if friends need help moving. Shuttling boxes to new houses and apartments can be a huge help for those without transportation, and at a few bucks per trip, you can easily make it worth your while.

Find free moving materials
Purchasing packing materials, such as boxes and tape, can quickly become expensive. Instead of shelling out cash to buy moving boxes to pack up your stuff, see if you can find some for free. Food, clothing and liquor stores often leave large boxes outside their doors that are free for the taking. Just be sure not to use boxes from alcohol products for shipping items back home—the post office will not accept these in the mail.

With a little creativity, you don’t have to find yourself broke at the end of the year when moving time comes. Put those entrepreneurship skills to work to kick off the summer with some cash in your pockets!