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Whitman Students Honored with D’Aniello Internships

Whitman Students Honored with D’Aniello Internships

Each semester, the Martin J. Whitman School of Management‘s Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises department selects senior and graduate level students to participate in the prestigious D’Aniello Entrepreneurial Internship Program, an internationally recognized initiative which provides unique entrepreneurial opportunities for highly qualified candidates.

D’Aniello interns work directly with an entrepreneur, president or senior
executive in a high-growth, innovative company located in the greater-Syracuse
metropolitan area, where they receive exciting, hands-on, experience-based
learning opportunities in entrepreneurial work environments.

The fall 2017 semester interns included Anweih Cox, Michael Durso,
Hannah Hathway, Adrianna Kocak, Marisa Orlandi, Griffin Psaila and Allison
Stanley. The spring 2018 semester interns included Alexander Bazan, Dasha
Foley, Dan Fridliand, Yejin Lee, Ben Wahl and Alyse Yvette Williams. Some of
the businesses hosting students included Bey Designs, a newly founded design
company focusing on all-natural, recyclable, novelties and gifts, Anything But
Beer, which brews gluten-free cider and wine hybrids for those who dislike the
taste of beer and founded by Logan Bonney ’17, an alum of the master’s in EEE,
and SGTR, LLC, a full-service construction company.

During their internships, students worked on a wide variety of projects to
develop skills in business development, marketing, social media planning, supply
chain logistics and more.

Arielle Spears