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Whitman School Entrepreneurship Research Accepted at Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

Whitman School Entrepreneurship Research Accepted at Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference

The Emerging Enterprises and Entrepreneurship program (EEE) at Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management has shown great success this year with the acceptance of thirteen papers at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC). The BCERC will be hosted June 5-8 at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts .

Over half of the Ph.D. students in the EEE program had papers accepted. As collaborative team efforts are at the heart of the EEE research, many papers were co-authored by current and former students as well faculty members. Several faculty members had papers accepted as well.

The following papers were accepted from the Whitman School:

  • Abootorabi, H. (Ph.D. student in entrepreneurship), McKelvie, A. and Johnson, A. “A longitudinal study of the impact of incubation on survival, growth, and types of exit”
  • Amezcua, A. and Ratinho, T. “Entrepreneurial ecosystems networks: An exploratory study”
  • Bort, J. (Ph.D. student in entrepreneurship), Moss, T., and Wiklund, J. “Aspirations over ambitions? The impact of aspirational orientation on performance in prosocial crowdfunding.”
  • Bort, J. (Ph.D. student in entrepreneurship), Cummings, C. (Ph.D.), Wiklund, J., and Ward, M.K. “Work design and job satisfaction in the modern entrepreneurial workplace”
  • Diaz, F. (Ph.D. student in entrepreneurship), Minniti, M. and Amezcua, A. “Entrepreneurial firms, entry, and competition: Evidence from the moving industry”
  • Han, S. “Coordination processes within angel investor networks”
  • Lee, C.K., Simmons, S., Cottle, G. and Wiklund, J. “Untangling the effects of institutions and individual attributes on high-growth entrepreneurship”
  • Lucas, D. and Boudreaux, C. “Regulation, economic freedom, and entrepreneurial job creation: A multilevel governance approach.”
  • Mauri, R. (IVMF), McKelvie, A., and Stutsman, M. (IVMF) “It’s a two-way street: An exploratory study on the relationship between mental health and entrepreneurship”

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