Whitman Research Newsletter – July/August 2016

The Whitman Research Newsletter highlights awards, honors, new research and more from Whitman’s research faculty. It is published bi-monthly. Send your research inquiries/highlights to: Michel Benaroch, associate dean for research and doctoral programs.

Awards and Honors

Ravi Dharwadkar, chair and professor of management, has been reappointed to the editorial review board of Academy of Management Journal.

Journal Publications

Julie Niederhoff, assistant professor of supply chain management, has her paper, “Humans are not machines: The behavioral impact of queueing design on service time,” accepted for publication in Management Science (with Rosokha, Y. and Shunko, M.).

Natarajan Balasubramanian, associate professor of management, has three paper acceptances:

  1. Measuring value creation and appropriation in firms: The VCA model” (with Lieberman, M.), forthcoming in the Strategic Management Journal
  2. Screening spinouts? How noncompete enforceability affects the creation, growth and survival of new firms” (with Starr, E. and Sakakibara, M.), accepted in Management Science
  3. “Deadlines, workflows, task sorting, and work quality” (with Lee, J. and Sivadasan, J.), accepted in Management Science

Padmal Vitharana, associate professor of MIS, has his paper, “Enhancing analysts’ mental models for improving requirements elicitation: A two-stage theoretical framework and empirical results,” accepted for publication in the Journal of AIS (with Jain, H. and Zahedi, F.M.).

Kivanc A. Avrenli, assistant professor of statistics, has a paper, “A kinematic methodology to optimize the landing trajectory for the Boing 737 jet undergoing total loss of thrust,” published in the Journal of Transportation Safety & Security (with Dempsey, B.J.).

Milena Petrova, associate professor of finance, has two recent paper acceptances:

  1. “Economic consequences of deregulation: Evidence from the removal of shareholder voting cap in Indian banks” (with Ghosh, C., Hillard, J. and Phani, B.V.), accepted in the Journal of Banking and Finance
  2. “The other side of value: The effect of quality on price and return in real estate” (with Ghosh, C.), accepted in the Journal of Real Estate, Finance and Economics

Randy Elder, professor of accounting, Susan Albring, associate professor of accounting, and Xiaolu Xu ’13 PhD (University of Massachusetts at Boston), have their paper, “Unexpected Fees and the Prediction of Material Weaknesses in Internal Control over Financial Reporting,” accepted for publication in the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.

Johan Wiklund, the Al Berg Chair in Entrepreneurship, has a paper, “Entrepreneurship and psychological disorders: How ADHD can be productively harnessed,” published in the Journal of Business Venturing Insights, Vol. 6 (with Dimov, D. and Patzelt, H.).

Ph.D. Students Corner

Greg (Gokce) Serdar, 4th year PhD student in management, was accepted to the Doctoral Consortium at the 2016 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Aug. 4-5, 2016.