Whitman Hosts the 2017 Panasci Business Plan Competition

Each year, the entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises program at Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management hosts the Panasci Business Plan Competition. The campus-wide competition includes a semi-final round of 16 teams followed by a final round where the top five teams compete to win prize money.

Thanks to generous donations from the Panasci, Fetner, Goldberg and Farentinos families, Whitman is able to award more than $40,000 in prize money to the top teams whose new venture ideas represent the best potential for growth and for attracting outside financing.

Here are the winners of Whitman’s 2017 Panasci Business Plan Competition:

First Place – $20,000
X Factor Lacrosse Team members:  Joe DeMarco, Scott Firman, Ben Williams and Dom Madonna

“Self-practice” products on the market currently include the bounce-back lacrosse wall and backup nets for missed shots. However, X Factor Lacrosse’s faceoff machine will be the first position-specific product. The faceoff machine will be the closest simulation to a live face-off.

Second Place – $7,500
Ravle Team members: Kevin Rieck, Apurpa Patil, Sujay Mahesh, Akash Anjanappa and Tay Lotte

Ravle allows online travel filmmakers on YouTube with incredible skill, experience and reach to share their trips on Ravle’s platform. Travelers watching can book the trip they are viewing in a seamless experience.

Third Place -$2,500; Fetner Prize for Sustainable Enterprise -$5,000; Goldberg Prize in Technology & innovation -$2,500
SparkCharge Team members: Joshua Aviv, Bryan Morris and Jaydeep Sathe

SparkCharge hopes to make electric vehicle travel more reliable by creating a portable universal charging unit for electric cars that allows electric vehicles owners to charge anytime and place. SparkCharge will allow electric vehicle owners to choose portable battery ranges.

Consumer Product Innovation Prize -$5,000
The BeanBack Team member: Miranda Brody

BeanBack creates headwear that provides warmth and is functional for practice and play. BeanBack also uses specialty fabrics and designs to allow the wearer to express his or her individuality.

Honorable mention
Busie Team members: Josh Bain, Louis Bookoff and Seth Samowitz

Busie is an instant quoting and booking application program interface. Busie shortens and eases the process for individual charter bus operators to save time and money by streamlining the quoting and booking process.