Spring 2016 Capstone Competition Results

The Spring 2016 Capstone Competition final round results are as follows:

1st Place: Monsoon Foods

Team members: Julia Higgins, Alex Moore, Robby Bodner, Huijin Yang, Brett Stein

Description: Monsoon Foods has developed a product to alleviate the hunger and dehydration prevalent in underdeveloped countries and natural disaster affected regions. Made up of organic plant materials, rice protein, and soy powder, Monsoon provides 750 kcals, 30 grams of protein, 17 grams of fat, 141 grams of carbohydrates, and 8 oz. of water in each 20 oz serving and is unique in providing both water and nutrition in one product.


2nd Place: GardenShield

Team members: Mitch Heifetz, John LaPointe, Alexander Loomans, Olivia Bowser, Shuting Chen

Description:  GardenShield provides innovative greenhouses in communities (primarily Central and Northern Africa) that lack access to sufficient fruit and vegetable variety.  The company also provides kits, seeds, and manuals as well as a gutter system for each greenhouse giving them the materials and technical “know-how” for subsistence farming. 


3rd Place: Sensus

Team members: Elizabeth Marchosky, Mariah Mueller, Daniel Jung, Sisi Qiu

Description:  Sensus is a device in the form of a bracelet that tracks the emotional state of a child with ADHD using biomarkers of the sympathetic nervous system such as heart rate, skin conductance levels, and physical movement.  The application will alert the caregiver when the child’s biological markers are increasing to an extreme, demonstrating signs of an escalating emotional state.  This will give parents and caregivers the ability to diffuse a pending stressful and tense situation before it occurs. 


Honorable Mention: PureTek Systems

Team members: Brandon Schnapper, Naim Hussein, Taylor Farris, Hannah Moon, Hui Zhang

Description:.  PureTek has developed an innovative technique that uses an air pump to dry clothing.  It’s objective is to prevent clothing from being shrunk or damaged by a typical heat drying cycle.  It contains a dehumidifying device that pulls water from clothing while lowering the overall humidity of the dryer, thus speeding up the drying process. 


Honorable Mention: VASI

Team members:  Tyler Avallone, Qing Li, Jesse Stein, Tariq Ward, Yanqiu Zhang

Description:   VASI has created a product that uses both high frequency sound (50,000 Hz) and the emission of strobing ultraviolet light rays, only recognizable to an animals senses.  This product known as “The Roadkeeper” can be used to scare animals away from oncoming traffic and highways.  The company’s goal is to save both human and animal lives as well as to minimize damage costs for drivers that hit animals on the road. 


All teams were outstanding and the amount of effort put forth by all students became evident as the competition progressed. The faculty teaching the Whitman Capstone course included:  John Torrens, Todd Moss,  Alexandra Kostakis, and Ken Walsleben.  In addition, we would like to thank the many Whitman faculty and staff members for their participation and those who supported our students throughout the semester and at the competition. Finally, a thank you to all of our dedicated competition judges for the time they have spent supporting our students!