Master’s Program Adjusts Requirements to Better Fit Student Business Goals

outside of the Whitman School of Management building

Master’s Program Adjusts Requirements to Better Fit Student Business Goals

The core of entrepreneurship is creating unique ideas and solutions that provide value for customers. So, it is only fitting that Whitman’s master of science program in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises did just that, as it introduced a new curriculum this fall that better allows students to meet their personal objectives and career goals.

“Based on feedback from our students and alumni, we made some adjustments to ensure we are staying current with what student entrepreneurs want to learn to be successful in the business world,” says Deputy Department Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice John Torrens, program manager of the M.S. program in entrepreneurship. “We believe that reducing required courses and allowing students to choose their own courses in the areas they want to pursue will be more attractive to candidates considering our program.”

According to Todd Moss, associate professor and chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises, reducing required courses to nine credits as of fall 2021 allows time for 11 “experience” classes that can be selected from approximately 21 entrepreneurial electives, including those at other colleges and schools within Syracuse University.

“This is a one-year program targeting students who want to start a business immediately—or may already be running one,” explains Moss. “We didn’t want to make every choice for them but, instead, give students the flexibility to take the courses that will be most beneficial to what they’re working on right now.”

“Entrepreneurship is attractive to students from different backgrounds and interests. Allowing our entrepreneurial students to pursue their unique goals based on their prior expertise is key,” says Professor of Entrepreneurship Alex McKelvie, associate dean for undergraduate and master’s education. “These improvements help us do that. Already, we’ve seen an increase in enrollment based on the new curriculum, and we expect that our revised master’s degree will only enhance our student entrepreneurs’ experience and success.”

Kimmy Kimball