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Eight Ways Stadiums Will Talk to Fans by 2020

Eight Ways Stadiums Will Talk to Fans by 2020

By Syracuse Staff

The stadium of the future is ready for its fans on game day. Some can’t get enough of a live sports experience—they’d be there no matter how long the wait for parking, or how long the line in the restroom. Other fans can be tougher to lure. Why deal with the hassles when you have a comfy armchair, a 50-inch screen with surround sound, high-speed internet, a cold six-pack in the fridge, and no line for the toilet?

More and more, stadiums are using technology to smooth out the wrinkles and draw those homebodies to the game.

“They try to make it easier to find your seat, find parking, but also encourage you to go get a beer or a couple hot dogs, because those are pretty expensive and major revenue streams for the team,” said Alexander McKelvie, an associate professor of entrepreneurship at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management who teaches in the MBA@Syracuse program. “So you really see the teams and arenas changing and updating to make it easier for people with the main idea being removing the hassles.”

As game time approaches, location services on your phone notify the stadium that you’re nearly there. You open the stadium app, and a suite of services is activated to keep you comfortable in the stadium and connected to other fans and the outside world.

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Arielle Spears