Chanel Webb ’23 MBA Is Pursuing Her Online Degree and Getting a Seat at the Table

When Chanel Webb ’23 MBA was determined to find an online MBA program, she wanted one that would help her differentiate herself from others in her field. She found it at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, and, after starting the program in January 2022, Webb has already seen the impact it has made on her career.

“I decided to pursue my MBA online at Syracuse University because the Whitman School’s program is highly ranked, and I wanted to expand my business acumen, enhance my strategic thinking skills and have an opportunity to network with other leaders across various industries,” Web says. “I felt that an MBA from Syracuse University would help me stand out from other candidates when I pursue my future career goals.”

She couldn’t be happier with her choice. “I have both an academic advisor and a student success coordinator, as well as various networking opportunities and hours of free tutoring. I feel well equipped to complete the program with all the support that is provided,” says Webb.

Even though Webb only recently started the program, she has already been able to incorporate the skills and concepts she is learning into everyday tasks at her job at the Marsh McLennan Agency (MMA), a global insurance and risk management company outside of Philadelphia. She cites data analytics as one skill that has been “an instrumental tool” in using stats to make decisions based on metrics. Webb also notes that she has built her strengths in developing and interpreting financial statements, as well as analyzing legal problems and recognizing how law influences business and management decisions. And, one of her courses, Leadership in Organizations, has given her ideas on how to adjust her leadership skills in her current role.

Several months ago, just after she started the online program at the Whitman School, Webb was promoted at MMA to assistant director, where she manages a benefits service center. She is certain the promotion was, in part, because of her pursuit of an MBA. She also believes she has recently received a number of other opportunities “to have a seat at the table” within her company, including participating in corporate-wide events and attending the National African American Insurance Association convention as the company’s representative.

While Webb has been taking her classes online, she has also participated in three of the MBA program’s residencies, including Women as Business Leaders, which she took virtually; and Digital Storytelling, and PowerUp with Power BI, both held on campus in April 2022.

“I had never been to Syracuse University, so it was exciting,” she says of her on-campus residencies. “The experiences were definitely an added value that allowed me to meet others who were in the program with me,” she says. “Getting others’ advice, hanging out with them after sessions, talking with professors in person – it all gave such a community feel. I’ve already added so many people on LinkedIn, and I am keeping in touch with them.”

Webb hopes to complete her MBA sometime in 2023 and is excited about the possibilities the future may hold for her. She says, “The program is structured in a way that reflects the current business landscape, and nothing we’ve learned has been out of date. From the very beginning of the online MBA program, I was positioned for success.”