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What You Need to Know Before Making the Mad Dash to File Your Taxes

What You Need to Know Before Making the Mad Dash to File Your Taxes

The tax season ends soon. Have you filed yet?

If you are one of the 25 percent of taxpayers scrambling to file taxes before the deadline, remain calm. There is still time to learn what to look for when filing your taxes and what to do if you need more time.

Here is a roundup of help tax advice article from Martin J. Whitman School of Management’s professors of accounting practice Maryann Monforte and John Petosa.

Keeping up with the ever-changing tax code each year is not an easy task. Monforte offers four commonly overlooked deductions to consider when filing taxes: http://bit.ly/1RXRnlj

College Students
If you are paying for college or have student loans filing your taxes can appear complicated. Monforte has what college students need to know before filing their taxes: http://wapo.st/1U6xE4G

Small Business
Explore small-business owner tips owners face when filing taxes and learn solutions from Petosa: http://bit.ly/1p52Tjt

Being Audited? Petosa explains what you should do when you receive that hateful letter from the IRS: http://bit.ly/1SbiDtn

Petosa also offers insight on audits in this audit survival guide: http://bit.ly/1quXHGl

Tax Extension
Petosa discusses five things people may want to consider before filing a tax extension: http://bit.ly/1RME1Xu

Penalties and Interest
Filing after the tax deadline may result in criminal penalties and interest. Petosa explains what those penalties and interest can mean for you: http://bit.ly/20EycPQ

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