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Perspectives From a Ph.D. Alumni : Maria Goranova ’07

Perspectives From a Ph.D. Alumni : Maria Goranova ’07

Name: Maria Goranova
Graduation Year: 2007
Major: Management

Maria Goranova Ph.D. ’07, associate professor of management at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, still fondly looks back on her life as a Ph.D. in management student at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.

“I was fortunate to spend five years pursuing my Ph.D.,” said Goranova. “I could not imagine a more supportive environment – from the faculty willing to discuss research ideas, share their expertise and offer advice, while at the same time encouraging the freedom of intellectual pursuit, to the administration and the other doctoral students who made a huge difference.”

Although she had a research agenda planned before joining the program, Goranova found her first doctoral seminar was pivotal for her future research.

“I was so fascinated with the class discussion that I shifted gears and have pursued research on corporate governance ever since,” explained Goranova. “The stimulating research environment was further supported by the weekly research seminars, rigorous coursework and the faculty’s open-door policies.”

In addition to research mentoring, Goranova feels the program did an excellent job preparing her for an academic career.

“I had very limited teaching experience prior to joining the program, and the Future Professoriate seminars, as well as the opportunity to learn from terrific and inspiring professors, were invaluable,” said Goranova.

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Arielle Spears