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Dairylea, Emily Bolton ’12 MSE

By Emily Bolton | March 28, 2012
In my Corporate Entrepreneurship course, we are working with companies located in Syracuse and conducting an Entrepreneurial Audit on their business (which is basically assessing how innovative/proactive the company is and how they could improve).…

Welcome to Whitman!

By Amrita Mainthia | March 28, 2012
Hey everyone, my name is Amrita and I am a senior Whitman/Newhouse dual major at Syracuse. I came all the way from California to attend SU and I love it! I love the people I’ve…

Meet Sam Whitaker ’14 BS

By Adam Capozzi | March 26, 2012
Hello! My name is Sam Whitaker, and I am a sophomore marketing major, minoring in public communications. I am from the Syracuse area, and love Syracuse University and the Whitman School of Management! Aside from…

Congratulations To Our Admitted Undergraduate Students!

By Adam Capozzi | March 22, 2012
What an exciting time as you think about the best place for you to grow and learn.  As the Director of Undergraduate Recruitment at the Whitman School, I want you to know that we’re here…

What Makes the Whitman MBA Experiential Learning Program Unique?

By Amy McHale | March 19, 2012
Last month I had the opportunity to present on the topic of “Measuring Experiential Learning Outcomes” at the GMAC/MBA Roundtable Leadership Conference.  Following my presentation, the subsequent discussions confirmed that our program is unique in…

The Corporate finance class

By Renyi Pan | March 14, 2012

“Corporate finance is the most helpful course I’ve taken, and it works especially well in my internship”,  a second-year MBA told me last semester. Indeed, it covers quite a lot financial principles in the practical world, and also includes several cases; one group project and one simulation that help students to have a better command of the fundamental knowledge of corporate finance.

The online homework seems a little bit tough at the beginning, and I got many poor scores at first. This discouraged me a lot, to be honest. However, I do understand the ideas better through completing these assignments.

The group project topic we chose was “IPO analysis—Energy Industry in China”, which aimed to find the best time for a company to have its initial public offering in this specific industry.

Student Stories

headshot of Bradley Pokorny

Bradley Pokorny ’22 MBA: U.S. Army Paratrooper Makes It His Mission to Complete Online MBA from Whitman School

By Caroline Reff | August 4, 2022
In August of 2021, Staff Sergeant Bradley Pokorny ’22 MBA was deployed to Afghanistan with the United States Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, an elite infantry specializing in parachute assault operations. When he found out he was…
headshot of Chris Douglas

Chris Douglass ’23 MBA Is Already Applying What He Learned at Whitman as Both an Employee and a Business Owner

By Caroline Reff | August 3, 2022
As a principal sales manager at HubSpot, a co-owner and coach of CrossFit and a new dad, Chris Douglass ’23 MBA has plenty on his plate, but he decided he could add something more with an…
headshot of Shital Mars

Shital Mars ’23 MBA: Online Student Manages the Demands of Business, Family and Pursing an MBA for a “Better Tomorrow”

By Caroline Reff | July 27, 2022
“Do better today than you did yesterday, so you can be better tomorrow than you are today.” That’s the motto Shital Mars ’23 MBA lives by every day, as she juggles her career as a…

Focus on Faculty: Faculty Profiles and Research

headshot of professor Ray Wimer

In the News and Trending: The Shopping Mall Crisis: What Will It Take for Them to Recover? Is There any Hope?

By Olivia Hall | June 3, 2022
In the News and Trending: The Shopping Mall Crisis: What Will It Take for Them to Recover? Is There any Hope? Ray Wimer is a professor of retail practice leading courses on retail, buying and planning,…
headshot of professor John Petosa

Whitman Professor Firmly Grounded in Syracuse University and the Community

By Olivia Hall | June 3, 2022
Whitman Professor Firmly Grounded in Syracuse University and the Community John Petosa L’95 jokes that he is “a kind of Swiss army knife” of teaching at the Whitman School. Indeed, since 2003 the professor of…
research illustration

Supply Chain Disruptions Through a Marketing Lens

By Olivia Hall | June 1, 2022
Supply Chain Disruptions Through a Marketing Lens During the pandemic, shoppers in many places have reached for a product, only to find an empty shelf. COVID-19, however, is only the latest among a number of…

Alumni and Friends

Class Notes

August 2022 Class Notes

By Liz Holloway | August 5, 2022
We welcome announcements of new jobs, promotions, board positions, marriages and family additions. Please visit our online submission form to share your news. You can also use this form to request your copy of the Whitman biannual magazine via email…
Kyle Trusch giving a speech at commencement

Kyle Trusch ’22 M.S.: Online EEE Grad Student Follows His Passion Towards a Teaching Career 

By Caroline Reff | July 22, 2022
“When my life is ideal, I am ________.” That open-ended phrase, from the book “The Passion Test” was the impetus for Kyle Trusch ‘22 M.S. to make a change. His answer? “When my life is…
headshot of Alex McKelvie

Alumni Message From Interim Dean McKelvie

By Alexander McKelvie | July 7, 2022
Dear Whitman Alumni and Friends, As I take on the role of Interim Dean of the Whitman School, I do so with tremendous thanks to Gene Anderson and the work he has done at Whitman…

Thought Leadership

photo of the outside of the Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Webinar: “Successfully Navigating a Multi-Country and Multi-Cultural World”

By Dawn McWilliams | March 11, 2022
The Kiebach Center for International Business Studies at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management and the Central New York International Business Alliance presented: “Successfully Navigating a Multi-Country and Multi-Cultural World“ Our panelists discussed: the multi-market…
photo of Burak Kazaz

Burak Kazaz Elected President-Elect of MSOM and Continues Sharing his Research on COVID-19 Vaccines and Wine Analytics

By Caroline Reff | December 7, 2021
Burak Kazaz Elected President-Elect of MSOM and Continues Sharing his Research on COVID-19 Vaccines and Wine Analytics Burak Kazaz has been an exceptional member of the Whitman School faculty since 2007. Much of his research…

Business in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

By Dawn McWilliams | October 28, 2021
Held Nov. 17, 2021 The Whitman School of Management hosted its popular Syracuse University Talks Business webinar series on Business in Asia. The panel featured experts who discussed many topics including: The implications of the…
group photo of the Kenya travel team and the speakers

Inspiration from Personal Success Stories

By Greg Tully | June 29, 2022
During our week spent in Kenya, there were many moments on the trip that impacted me greatly. These moments will stay with me for the rest of my life, as they were not only learning…
photo of Justin Soto hugging one of the speakers from the Kenya trip

How Can You Spread Sunshine?

By Justin Soto | June 29, 2022
What is happiness? This question consistently went through my mind as we traveled the country of Kenya. People who have learned to appreciate what they have instead of complaining about what they could. This is…
headshot of Devyn Digrande

Inspired by the Children of Africa

By Devyn Digrande | June 29, 2022
On Thursday, May 19, the Kenya team had the opportunity to visit Mwangaza College and The Child Discovery Centre (CDC). The CDC serves street and very poor children in Nakuru, Kenya. They enroll the children…

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