Yang, Loughnane Serve as Class of 2022 Whitman Class Marshals

Bailey Loughnane ’22 (WHIT/A&S) and Tiffany Yang ’22 (WHIT/iSchool) have been selected as the 2022 Whitman Class Marshals. In their role, they will lead this year’s senior class to the Commencement

Loughnane and Yang are involved in organizations and awards such as Whitman’s Student Ambassadors, Syracuse Success Scholars, Whitman Scholars and the Whitman’s Undergraduate Board. Both students went through a highly selective process to receive the title of Class Marshal. 

As marshals, Loughnane and Yang also work together with Whitman faculty and administration to plan graduation. This year, their goal is to ensure that the ceremony goes smoothly to celebrate the success of the senior class and make it special for everyone involved. One of the ways they are doing this is to get students from the senior class to submit photos for the Commencement ceremony. 

Bailey Loughnane 

From California, Loughnane is a dual major in supply chain management at the Whitman School and chemistry at the College of Arts and Sciences. He applied to Syracuse University, following in his older cousin’s footsteps. His family was very supportive and excited for him to attend. One of the major reasons Loughnane says that he ended up at Syracuse was the dual major program between business and life science. 

“It was a no-brainer once I got into that program because it is not offered anywhere else,” he says. 

Loughnane says that his favorite part of being at Whitman is the professors. He believes that professors having industry experience is crucial to the success of students and that they genuinely care about students’ success. At Whitman, Loughnane is involved with activities such as Whitman Student Ambassador and Whitman Peer Mentor and received the titles of Whitman Leadership Scholar and Syracuse Success Scholar. 

Loughnane hopes to get more students informed about and interested in choosing a dual major because of the unique job opportunities that having a degree in two fields reveals. He also wants to leave students at the Whitman School with is thinking outside of “the Big Four” mindset. 

“From early on I knew that I didn’t want to go down that road and wanted to do something different. Hopefully, people see that I got to this point separating myself from that mindset and that they can do it, as well,” he says. 

As Loughnane took a less traditional path at the Whitman School with his interests, he is grateful that he was recognized as Class Marshal, even if he does not look like the traditional business student on paper. Upon graduation, Loughnane will be working at Medline as an associate product manager. 

Tiffany Yang 

A dual major in finance at the Whitman School of Management and information management & technology at the School of Information Studies (iSchool), Yang did not always know that she was going to attend Syracuse University or even pursue business. Graduating from a performing arts high school, she originally was looking at art schools but found herself seeing it as more of a hobby than something to pursue professionally. After considering various options, Yang selected a focus in business for its universal applications and prior experience with her family’s business.

At the Whitman School, she got involved in experiences as soon as her first year. 

“I wanted to find my place and find the opportunities that looked interesting. I always reached out to professors, went to their office hours and joined organizations that looked fun… that curious side of me helped get me to this point,” she says. 

She is involved as the vice president of finance for Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), Whitman’s professional business fraternity; a senior analyst for the Orange Value Fund and a Whitman Student Ambassador. Outside of Whitman, Yang is involved as the treasurer of the Asian Students in America club (ASIA), a senior intern and Tourguide for University 100 and a teaching assistant for the University’s FYS101. 

As Class Marshal, Yang says that her favorite part of it is the proud feeling that she gets from it. 

“During my first year on campus, I used to be very shy and not confident. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and had no direction. Coming from such an uncertain background to where I am now, I feel very honored,” she says. 

Yang believes that this title is helping her build her leadership skills, something that is a necessary asset in the business profession. As she helps oversee all the Whitman seniors, Yang believes that she can confidently prove her ability as a leader to future employers. After graduation, Tiffany will be working for Citigroup as a financial analyst.

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Rylee Pohancsek