What is it Like to Work in London?

Every semester, some of Syracuse London’s students opt to participate in an internship program two days a week during their semester abroad.

I am not an international student. I am simply another Londoner aboard the Tube in a polo shirt and jeans, headed to my office job. I’m interning for Capax Resource Management, a recruitment agency based in the Holborn district. My job is flexible and engaging, and I’m mostly running numbers and preparing reports to help the partners streamline their business and ensure the best possible outcomes for clients and candidates. The office is a busy but social place. My coworkers are never shy with helpful tips about living in London and ask questions about where I come from. I am learning a lot, both from being in a real office setting and from working in another country, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Syracuse London partners with documentary houses, music studios, museums, startup incubators and other interesting enterprises all around the city. London has embraced flexible and hybrid work schedules, and many internships are at least partially online. Capax has been extremely accommodating to my school obligations and travel schedule, partially through allowing me to work remotely or asynchronously whenever necessary.

In short, interning in another country is a unique experience that I’m so grateful Syracuse London has provided for me. I cannot thank the coordinators enough for taking care of the complex business of coordinating visas and maintaining partnerships with the companies without a hitch. I am always excited to walk into that Holborn office and see what the day has in store!

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