Syracuse University’s Whitman School Partners with the Institute of Management Technology in India

Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management partnered with the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) in Ghaziabad, India, to provide a short-term immersion program in fall 2021. The program was designed and coordinated by the Earl V. Snyder Innovation Management Center, led by the Center’s director, S.P. Raj, department of marketing chair and distinguished professor of marketing.

The academic partnership was established as an ongoing effort to cultivate impactful global academic partnerships with institutions in strategically important locations such as India and China. 

The IMT-Syracuse Business Innovation Immersion program was a six-week online program (originally scheduled to be held at Syracuse for a short-term immersion program but switched to online due to the pandemic and travel difficulties) designed for students to gain an understanding of business innovation in new product development and commercialization, online and offline distribution channel strategy and the application of artificial intelligence in business through online lectures.

These lectures included Strategic Channel Management taught by Kyu Lee, associate dean for global initiatives and professor of management; Leading Innovations taught by Graig Arcuri, adjunct faculty; and Artificial Intelligence in Business taught by Don Harter, associate professor of MIS and Master’s in business analytics program director.

Raj says, “The course discussions resulted in the introduction of new ideas and designs for approaching problems in a sustainable manner.”

A total of 39 of IMT’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management executive program students enrolled in the program. The full-time executive program is an AICTE-approved, AACSB accredited 15-month accelerated MBA residential program including global orientation designed specifically for high-performing professionals with a minimum of five years of work experience.

“It was an exceptionally well-executed collaboration between Syracuse University and the Institute of Management Technology to curate these courses for students enrolled in the executive program,” says IMT student Mitali Kumar. “These courses provided us with a global perspective on the core domain of channel management, as well as an understanding of how societies and businesses are undergoing rapid transformations not only in their appearance but also in their genetic makeup as a result of the advent of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Everything (IoE) and disruptive Innovations.”

The Whitman School of Management is working with global partners to disseminate knowledge and expand student experiential learning opportunities. Learn more about Whitman’s global partners.

Kimmy Kimball