Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management Announces Partnership with Management Leadership for Tomorrow

Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management has announced a new partnership with Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). The program aims to increase awareness and educational and career support for underrepresented minority students through personal guidance and coaching. It provides the tools needed to successfully apply to top business schools around the country as well as a network of high-performing peers in the MLT community. 

According to Alexander McKelvie, associate dean for undergraduate and master’s education for the Whitman School, “We are delighted to be partnering with a preeminent organization like MLT to help prepare our future students with the tools needed to pursue an MBA and then land high-potential jobs afterwards. MLT is a leading source of diverse talent for top corporations nationally and we’re so happy to join their impressive list of academic partners.”

Whitman hopes the partnership will help increase the diversity of the Whitman School community and help in the long-term career development of their students of color after graduation. As part of this, MLT offers a six-month MBA Prep training program to best position members for graduate school and direct access to admissions decision-makers.

“Whitman continues to invest heavily in our students and their future careers,” says McKelvie. “Supporting our underrepresented minority students in particular is a high priority for us, and this new partnership will allow us to help attract and recruit fantastic students—and perhaps most importantly, provide them with access to an outstanding network of talented professionals that will benefit them throughout their careers through the MLT alumni network.”

Dawn McWilliams