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Studying Abroad Reflection: Learning Outside of the Classroom

Studying Abroad Reflection: Learning Outside of the Classroom

One of my favorite things about Syracuse University was that studying abroad wasn’t just something I could do if I had a semester to spare; it was something that I was encouraged to do from the moment I stepped onto campus. 

When I came back home from my semester in Florence, I had countless friends and family members tell me how they wanted to go abroad while they were in college. For a lot of them, either their school didn’t have an established program or by the time they realized they wanted to go abroad, it wasn’t possible to work into their schedule. 

Luckily, Syracuse is different. Thanks to diligent planning with my advisors, I was able to study abroad for a semester without putting myself behind. This college allowed me to take unique classes that I couldn’t have taken on campus. I took courses like Comedy in Italy, Economic Integration in the EU, Sustainability in Europe, as well as learned un po’ di italiano. Although these classes helped expand my knowledge of the world, I learned the most during my independent travels around Europe. I learned what to do when you miss your train connection in Milan. I learned how to travel through the Swiss Alps with a college student budget. I learned how to order a gyro when you don’t speak any Greek. All of these unique experiences challenged me and taught me more than any classroom lesson could.

Studying abroad is truly a once in a lifetime experience and I feel extremely fortunate to go to a school that makes it so easy to do so. I will forever remember my semester in Florence and, if anybody is even remotely interested, I will gladly show my pictures and reminisce. I truly cannot think of a better word to sum up my semester than magical… or educational, of course. 

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