Staying Connected to Home, Enjoying Time Abroad

Being an ocean away from home and your loved ones is difficult for multiple reasons, specifically, you can’t talk to people from home every day. Being in London, you are five hours ahead of Syracuse. I am from New York, so this also means I am five hours ahead of my family.

I thought that being so far away would make it very hard to talk to family and friends. However, I learned very quickly that people understand that you cannot constantly be in contact. It has become very normal to have a simple conversation continue over the course of a few days. I have also learned that your family wants you to enjoy your time and e fun, not be on your phone missing what’s in front of you. Sending a few photos and telling them what you are up to will help keep their minds at ease and the conversation going. Scheduling calls with friends will help keep each other in the loop about our busy lives. This creates a break in your busy week and helps you feel connected back to home.

Distance should never keep you from going abroad, over time you learn the best ways to communicate with your loved ones and the distance won’t feel so far.