Mid-Terms and Challenges Overcome Abroad

I recently have reached the mid-way point of my time abroad here in Barcelona, and with that came my first slate of exams and assignments that were due. Being abroad while preparing for and taking these exams provided some extra challenges, which I had not experienced in my studies back at Syracuse. Whether it is finding a place to study, WIFI that works or staying focused, being abroad made this midterm season different from all the others I have experienced.

The biggest issue in my opinion about midterms abroad is the lack of study spaces and WIFI availability. My program, CEA, offers study spaces for students to get work done during the day. However, it’s only available during the day, and after the last class is finished at 6 p.m. you can’t be in the building. This means that the only other location I now have to study is Starbucks or my apartment. So plan ahead the times you want to study.

The WIFI in my apartment is decent but has caused large amounts of stress for me and my roommates. There have been many times that I have to resort to using my hotspot from my phone because the WIFI in my apartment is out. This makes it infinitely more difficult to get work done and takes away the limited data that I have on my phone. That being said, it is possible to get work done if you plan. For instance, I know my roommate’s class schedule and there are sometimes when I have the apartment to myself and can use the WIFI myself. Check into the WIFI connection when you first start your semester abroad.

While being abroad is an amazing experience to explore, I am still here to learn and work towards my degree. It can be difficult to remind yourself to take a step back and put the work in that is necessary to graduate. While it has not been an exceptionally difficult semester for me, being abroad does make it more difficult to complete your work. Whether it’s the countless distractions or differences in resources available, there are several ways that the schoolwork abroad can pile up. Take the time to do well in your classes though.