Five Ways Students Can Ace Final Exams 

While it is hard to believe, finals are quickly approaching. The weeks leading up to finals can be busy, stressful and chaotic. The following tips can help students prepare for the intense week of exams and ace them all. 

1. Start preparing now

Finals creep up on everyone. The best strategy is to plan ahead. Looking over the schedule for when each final is, sooner rather than later, is crucial when creating a study plan. Having a study plan helps promote a structure for students to know which exams come first and how to start preparing for each. Not every final is the same format, number of questions or length of time, so laying that out ahead of time allows students to see what they need to do to be prepared and ready to go for each exam.

2. Stay organized

Sticking to a study plan can be challenging with so much going on. Staying organized and keeping a strict schedule for yourself is crucial. In the weeks leading up to finals, making a to-do list each day ensures that a little bit of studying is done for every subject, rather than cramming it all in at the last minute right before exams. 

3. Attend review sessions and office hours

Professors at the Whitman School offer ample opportunities to ask questions, get extra help and clarify concepts for upcoming exams. Taking advantage of these sessions gives students the chance to gain one-on-one support with professors who know exactly what will be on the test and share their study methods. Sometimes professors share more insightful tips with students during these sessions outside of class when they notice the extra effort. 

4. Create a study group

In addition to sitting one-on-one with a professor, another great study method is working in a group. Collaborating ideas, explaining concepts to others and learning from someone else are just some of the benefits that come with creating a study group. Another benefit is that it eliminates procrastination and promotes efficiency. Scheduling a specific time to meet with other members motivates students to dedicate that time to review for the exam rather than pushing it off until later and pursuing other activities instead.  

5. Discover a new study spot

Some students enjoy the stimulation of busy areas, while others need complete silence when studying. At this point, students know what the best environment is for them. However, for finals especially, choosing to study in a bedroom or in bed is not the best idea. Staying home, students would rather fall asleep, scroll on their phone or hang out with their roommates. Sometimes, it takes testing out a few different study spots to discover where students feel the most productive. 

While finals week can be challenging and exhausting, following these tips will ensure a smooth, successful and stress-free end of the semester. Remember that it is never too early to start studying. In a blink of an eye, they will be all over. Good luck!

Anna Rooney