Exploring the Museums in London While Abroad

One of my favorite London activities is visiting the beautiful museums that the city has to offer. All national museums in the U.K. are free to the public, making it so easy to make a quick excursion to a museum. Little did I know, this is unique to the U.K., as many other European countries do have entry fees for museums!

I’ve always loved museums, so I registered for the London Museums class offered by the Syracuse London Center. I have been so lucky to visit museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum and the National Gallery, with my thoughts guided by the class curriculum. I have especially enjoyed being able to apply what I’ve learned as I travel and visit museums in other cities.

Visiting a local museum is one of the best ways to gain introductory knowledge on a new city, and my class has offered me a new lens through which to view these museums and the objects they hold. So far, I have visited the National Museums of both Cardiff, Wales and Edinburgh, Scotland. I also hope to visit the Louvre in Paris, France and the Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and apply these same skills.

As for London, one of my favorite museums is the Victoria & Albert Museum. The V&A Museum has so many different exhibits; something to interest anyone. Some of my favorites have been the fashion and contemporary glass exhibits. I am hoping to go back soon and see the Fabergé exhibition. I also really enjoy The British Museum because there are so many historical artifacts and so much to learn. The British Museum is a short eight-minute walk from the Syracuse London Center, and I have already been three times. I still have so much to see!

I am so grateful that one of my favorite activities is so accessible and affordable. If you love museums as much as I do, I hope you consider London as your study abroad destination!

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