Explore the Amazing Cities Around You While Abroad

One of the amazing things about studying in London is the opportunities you have to travel. London has four major airports that serve some of the most popular cities in various countries. I have been taking advantage of the cheap airfare and trying to see as much as possible. Getting to travel with friends or take a solo trip is something everyone should experience while studying abroad. I have planned about six trips outside of London, and these are some tips to keep in mind while traveling out of your home city center.

  1. Figure out what YOU want to see. When I first made my “must see” list I felt like I was being very one-sided in my planning. However, being abroad is for you, and no one else. You should prioritize what is important to you. Odds are, countless people want to see the same things and would love to travel with you.
  2. Hostels are one of the best options. Most are located in city centers or right next to the main streets. This is a cost-effective option that can accommodate more people than a traditional hotel or AirBnb. I would recommend a chain hostel.
  3. Get on the earliest flight possible. I know it sounds horrible, but your time is so limited in the places you visit. By taking an earlier flight you don’t lose a whole day to traveling There are always ways to get to and from the London airports, you just need to get creative. Just be sure you don’t miss your flight, budget airlines won’t refund you.

Traveling can be stressful, but once you are in the city you’ve always dreamed about seeing, it truly won’t matter.