Celebrating Women at Whitman

In honor of International Women’s Day March 8, the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University celebrates women at Whitman. Highlighted are Whitman community members celebrated for their social, cultural and economic achievements.


Nobi Nyabonda ’22 has taken full advantage of all the opportunities at Whitman. She is a member of the professional business fraternity, a peer mentor and much more. Nobi was also chosen to attend the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit in October 2019.

Learn more about Nyabonda’s student experience.

Study Abroad Reflection

“One of my favorite things about Syracuse University was that studying abroad wasn’t just something I could do if I had a semester to spare; it was something that I was encouraged to do from the moment I stepped onto campus.” – Brittany Loper ’21

Learn more about Loper’s study abroad experience.

Undergraduate Internship Experience

Mentorships are an important part of the internship experience. Emma Tangel ’20 shares that during her internship at Deloitte, she was assigned an onboarding advisor, coach and supervisor who guided her throughout her experience.

Learn more about Tangel’s undergraduate internship experience.

Graduate Internship Experience

Graduate students participate in internship experiences that allow them to build confidence and leadership skills. Haina shares how she was able to present her projects and learn from the team she worked with during her internship as a marketing strategy intern at Syracuse University.

Learn more about Haina’s graduate internship experience.

Faculty Spotlight

Before teaching at Syracuse University, Lisa Quinn Knych, professor of law and public policy, practiced as an attorney, serving as an in-house counsel for a savings bank and as an assistant bar examiner.

Learn more about Knych’s faculty story.

Mentorship and Networking

Our Whitman Women in Finance program participated in a mentorship and networking event in NYC. They were able to learn from industry professionals and alumni.

Learn more about our mentorship and networking program.

The Women’s Network Organization

Jamie Vinick ’20 founded The Women’s Network to promote inclusion and opportunity for women on campus and in the workforce.

Learn more about how the organization has expanded beyond Syracuse University.

WISE Entrepreneurship Program

In December, the WISE Center held its 2019 Exito! program graduation. Past program graduate Diana Jaramillo served as the guest speaker and shared her personal experience.

Learn more about Jaramillo’s experience in the Exito! program.

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