Whitman School Adopts New Core Values

Whitman School Adopts New Core Values

Search for the word “value” online and you will find the following definition: “a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.” During the 2018-2019 academic year, the Whitman School community came together to discover what’s important in the life of the school. Led by the One Whitman Council, faculty, staff, students and alumni had an opportunity to ponder, discuss and arrive at core values that will help guide the school.

Through a series of focus groups, followed by a survey, the One Whitman Council worked to glean the values that were most important and why. Key patterns emerged, and some words came up time and again as descriptors for what the Whitman School should consider just and right as it seeks to educate students for a life beyond Syracuse University. The initiative was tied to the Whitman School Strategic Plan, of which one of the objectives was to advance and promote a shared commitment to a common purpose and set of core values.

Seventy-three people attended one of 10 focus groups with 240 responding to the follow-up survey (attendees were able to also fill out the survey).

Nearly 30 words were culled from the overall results, further narrowed into what are now the five core values for the Whitman School.


We are an ethical community that values transparency, accountability, responsibility, respect and professionalism.


We strive to be a student-centered community that is supportive of all. We are open-minded. We engage and encourage diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.


We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We value teamwork as the most successful way to reach our goals.


We are forward-thinking with a global mindset, always exploring new and creative ideas that can bring positive changes to the world.


We persevere, always challenging ourselves and each other to improve in pursuit of outstanding quality in processes and outcomes, leading to overall success.

Banners depicting these values were unveiled at a special ceremony Sept. 16, which also marked the ceremonial beginning of the Whitman School’s 100th year. Representatives from faculty, staff, alumni and the student body were on hand to help with the big reveal, which also featured a visit from Otto the Orange.


Susan Albring
Associate Professor of Accounting

Kivanç Avrenli
Assistant Professor of Statistics

Amanda Barbuto
Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Kerri Howell
Director of Communications and Media Relations

Eunkyu Lee
Associate Dean for Global Initiatives Professor of Marketing

Kira Reed
Associate Professor of Management

Tara Schroer
Executive Assistant, Dean’s Office

Fatma Sonmez-Leopold
Assistant Professor of Finance