Whitman Research Newsletter – Sept./Oct.

The Whitman Research Newsletter highlights awards, honors, new research and more from Whitman’s research faculty. It is published bi-monthly. Send your research inquiries/highlights to: Michel Benaroch, associate dean for research and doctoral programs.

Awards and Honors
Catherine Maritan, associate professor of management, received an award for Outstanding Editorial Board Member for her work on the Strategic Management Journal.

Journal Publications
Dinesh Gauri, associate professor of marketing, had a paper accepted at the Journal of Consumer Research; the paper is titled “Boomerang effects of low price discounts: How low price discounts affect purchase propensity” (with Cai, F. and Bagchi, R.). Gauri also had another recent paper acceptance, titled “Antecedents and outcomes of market mavenisim: Insights based on survey and revealed data,” in the Journal of Business Research (with Harmon, T. and Talukdar, D.).

Kivanc A. Avrenli, assistant professor of statistics, has a paper, titled “Assessment of the engines-out flight performance of a commercial jet,” forthcoming in International Journal of Aviation Systems, Operations and Training (with Dempsey, B.J.).

Lynne Vincent, assistant professor of management, has a paper accepted and fast-tracked to press at the Academy of Management Journal. The paper is titled “Creative, rare, entitled, and dishonest: How commonality of creativity in one’s group decreases an Individual’s entitlement and dishonesty” (with Kouchaki, M.).

Trenton Williams, assistant professor of entrepreneurship, has a paper, titled “Mixed method social network analysis: Combining inductive concept development, content analysis, and secondary data for quantitative analysis,” forthcoming in Organizational Research Methods (with Shepherd, D.A.).

Alex McKelvie, associate professor and chair of entrepreneurship, has a an edited book titled, Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence, and Growth, Vol. 17 (with Katz, J. and Corbett, A.C.).

PhD Students Corner
Eun Jeong Ko, 3rd year PhD student in entrepreneurship, has her paper, titled “The influence of different types of legitimacy across resource acquisition stages In entrepreneurial firms” (with McKelvie, A.), forthcoming in the 2015 edition of Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research BCERC Proceedings (FER).

Chong Kyoon Lee, 3rd year PhD student in entrepreneurship, has his paper, titled “Impact of stigma of failure on social entrepreneurship entry decisions: A cross-country analysis” (with Lumpkin, T. and Bangar, R.), forthcoming on the 2015 edition of Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research BCERC Proceedings (FER).

In the News
Lynne Vincent, assistant professor of management, was interviewed in Business News Daily on her new research exploring the connections between creativity and entitlement.  Vincent’s work was also covered in a Daily Orange story, based on an interview with her and Ravi Dharwadkar, professor and chair of management.

A Whitman Research Colloquium held on Sept. 18 featured Richard Swedberg, professor of sociology at Cornell University. Prof. Swedberg gave a research talk, titled “From Theory to Theorizing or How to Make Social Science More Interesting.” He also held a roundtable with PhD students.

Research Speakers and Visitors
Norah Xu, from Emory University, presented a marketing seminar, “Detection of customers’ life change: Real-time analysis using control chart approach,” on Sept. 11.

Beth Fossen, from Emory University, presented a marketing seminar, “Television advertising and online word-of-mouth: An empirical investigation of social T.V. activity,” on Sept. 16.

Lynne Vincent presented a behavioral brown-bag seminar, “How entitlement helps and hinders negotiation,” on Sept. 16.

Lingling Zhang, from Harvard University, presented a marketing seminar, “The two faces of size: An analysis of price bargaining and platform competition in the U.S. daily deal market,” on Sept 25.

Jeff York, from the University of Colorado, Boulder, presented an entrepreneurship seminar, “It’s not easy building Green: The Interaction of institutional change and private actors in voluntary standards,” on Oct. 8.

Jay Dahya, from Baruch University, presented a finance seminar, “Do investors follow directors?” on Oct. 8.

Craig Sisneros, from University of Colorado, Denver, presented an accounting seminar, “The market pricing of negative special items through time: An unintended consequence of regulation change?” on Oct. 16.

Inyoung Chae, from INSEAD France, presented a marketing seminar, “Wearout or weariness? Measuring potential negative consequences of online ad volume and placement,” on Oct. 16.

Huifang Mao presented a behavioral brown-bag seminar, “The originality premium? How movie watching experiences are dampened by book adaptations,” on Oct. 21.

Sam Bonsall, from Ohio State University, presented an accounting seminar, “The effect of credit default swap trading on the performance of credit rating agencies,” on Oct. 23.

Michael Goldstein, from Babson College, presented a finance seminar, “Dealer behavior in highly illiquid risky assets,” on Oct. 23.