Seven Things You Can Do With the $5 You Earn From the Whitman Behavioral Lab

The Behavioral Laboratory at Syracuse University‘s Martin J. Whitman School of Management is offering a way for students to earn extra cash in their spare time.

The Behavioral Laboratory, located in Whitman School in room 010, aims to produce relevant, cutting-edge research. As part of that effort, the Behavioral Laboratory is seeking students from across Syracuse University, regardless of year or major, to participate in various studies.

Participation typically takes 20 minutes of your time. In return, students participating in a study earns $5.

Here’s what the earnings from a study can get you:

Fancy Coffee
Take advantage of all the great coffee options Syracuse has to offer. Use the money you earn to fund your Saturday study session at the Kubal downtown or take it across the street for a quick pick-me-up.

Girl drinking coffee

Spotify and Hulu Subscription
If you stop by the Behavioral Laboratory once a month you’ve completely paid for your Spotify and Hulu student accounts. Twenty minutes a month for endless hours of entertainment? I’ll take it.

student on a computer listening to Spotify

Something nice from 3Fifteen
There’s no telling what you will find in the thrift store right across the street from the Whitman School, 3Fifteen. The selection at 3Fifteen is carefully tailored to college students so for just 20 minutes in the Behavioral Lab, you’re earning money toward your next favorite clothing item.

Five Drinks at Flip Night
If you’re feeling lucky, take the $5 you earn to flip night where you could finesse five drinks. Pretty solid trade for a fun night out if you ask me!

Two Tacos from Chipotle
Free tacos? That’s basically how it works when you stop down in the Behavioral Lab during your snack break. Whether you use the $5 you earn to subsidize your burrito or bowl, get chips and guac or just grab two tacos, it’s up to you. Tacos and helping the university— that’s a double win!

Subway Sandwich
Not in the mood for tacos? Campus has tons of restaurants running deals. For instance, you can stop by Subway on Marshall Street to use your $5. I’ll have a foot-long meatball marinara, please!

A girl at Subway

A Ticket to a Syracuse University Event
University Union and the University Lecture are always hosting great events on campus– Concerts, lectures, hosting comedians and more. Whatever it is, participating in a study is a great way to fund a fun night out at a Syracuse University event.

Girl at ticket booth

Topics studied in the lab include decision making, attitudes, personality, and consumer behavior. If you would like to participate in this research, please click here.

Editors note: The B-Lab offers Drop-in-Days. See the Events page for upcoming Drop-In Days.

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