Marketing Professor Finds Passion in Digital Marketing

Guiyang Xiong, associate professor of marketing, found his way to the Martin J. Whitman School of Management while attempting to escape the heat.

Working as a professor at the University of Georgia, Xiong decided it was time for a change. “After spending decades in ‘Hotlanta,’ I figured that I needed some cool air and snow. I went to work in Boston for a year, but it wasn’t enough snow for me,” he said with a laugh.

(Xiong sitting after a hike at Green Lakes).

Some of Xiong’s former colleagues connected him to members of the marketing faculty at the Whitman School. He liked the “friendly colleagues” and the environment, so Xiong decided to make the move to Syracuse. 

“The marketing faculty is not only productive but also very collegial, and everyone gets along. I’ve been lucky to have opportunities to attend a number of University-wide events and got to meet many nice colleagues from other schools, as well,” said Xiong. “I like teaching our high-quality students, too.”

As a faculty member, Xiong’s research focuses on empirical modeling, digital marketing, advertising, market impact on shareholder value, and innovation. He says, “Recently I have been fascinated by the application of virtual reality in digital marketing and have been working on a series of studies on virtual fitting rooms. I think this technology, if used wisely, can potentially benefit the retail industry tremendously.”

The Journal of MarketingMarketing Science and Journal of Management Information Systems are just a few of the prestigious publications that have featured Xiong’s work.

Xiong is thankful for the learning experiences that came with the highs and lows of an academic career. “I’m very lucky to work in a collegial environment that helps me focus on being productive,” he says. 

As Xiong continues to make his mark at the Whitman School, he hopes to pass on a bit of his own wisdom to others. He says, “Find out what you’re really interested in, be self-motivated and persistent, work hard, believe in yourself — and be nice. You’ll do well.”

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(Xiong posing during a trip to Venice, Italy).
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