Faculty Profile: Dr. Karca D. Aral

Karca D Aral WangKarca D. Aral
Assistant professor of supply chain management

Professor Karca Aral recently joined Whitman as an assistant professor in the supply chain management department.

Aral’s research is primarily focused on procurement actions, sustainable procurement, sustainable supply chain management, and information acquisition. Motivated by the proliferating number of sustainability auditing agencies and the increasing concerns on sustainable procurement, she investigates the role of information acquisition and disclosure in procurement auctions. Her specialized interests in sustainable procurement are the focus of her teaching.

Aral graduated from Bilkent University in Turkey with an M.S. in industrial engineering. She received her Ph.D. from INSEAD, one of the world’s largest international business schools, in the area of technology and operations management. She was the runner-up in the Production and Operations Management Society’s 2013 Sustainable Operations Dissertation Proposal Award.