Webinar: “Moving from Supply Chains to Demand Chains: Next Gen Technology for New Era Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail”

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Webinar: “Moving from Supply Chains to Demand Chains: Next Gen Technology for New Era Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail”

This webinar is the first in a series that will constitute the 2020 Harry E. Salzberg Memorial Award and Lecture program in honor of the Global Supply Chain Professional. The panelists introduce the latest technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) era designed to facilitate the continuous monitoring of the supply chain, its ecosystem and security by employing cloud technology.

This webinar was held on Oct. 28, 2020. Check out a recording of the webinar to learn more about the latest technologies in the IoT.

Michael Belfiore Headshot

Michael Belfiore

Michael Belfiore is an author and journalist reporting on the technological innovations shaping our world.

Belfiore has reported on game-changing technologies for Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Smithsonian, Air & Space, Financial Times, Foreign Policy and many other outlets. He is also the author of two books on advanced technology development for HarperCollins and writes blog posts, white papers and other content for technology brands. He lives in New York’s Hudson River Valley with his two daughters. Find him at michaelbelfiore.com.

Amir Khoshniyati Headshot

Amir Khoshniyati

A capable, dynamic and authentic leader, Amir Khoshniyati has produced a track record of exceeding results in strategy, business development, marketing and sales, with over a decade of focus in the technology sector.

Exceptionally accomplished and recognized, Khoshniyati has a great ability to understand new concepts, address cross-functional challenges and execute complex projects seamlessly. Khoshniyati’s industry and business acumen, coupled with his immense drive, enable his customers and business partners' success. Prior to joining Avery Dennison, Khoshniyati was part of the Smartrac Legacy Organization for over 2.5 years leading Product Marketing and the NFC Business. Khoshniyati has 6.5 years of channel experience with Microsoft and was part of the great move to the cloud with the roll-out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and designed four value-add solutions that are key add-ons to the product stack today.

Robert Schmid Headshot

Robert Schmid

Robert Schmid is the Chief IoT Technologist, aka “Mr.IoT.”

Schmid has more than 20 years of experience transforming Global Fortune 100 and start‐up companies to new 21st century technologies. He has deep expertise in delivering business value through innovative solutions and effective partnerships in the areas of wearables, the IoT, social media, mobile workforce, cloud computing, merger integration, complex integrations, ERP implementations and off‐shore and outsourcing for Deloitte Consulting LLP’s clients. He is a frequent author and public speaker.

Steve Statler Headshot

Steve Statler

Steve Statler is the author of Beacon Technologies, the presenter of the Mister Beacon podcast and a Senior VP at Wiliot, where he is responsible for product management, marketing and business development. Wiliot is a semiconductor company connecting people and products with a postage stamp-sized, battery-free Bluetooth tags powered by harvesting energy from radio waves.

Prior to Wiliot, Statler consulting company specialized in Bluetooth beacon technology, training and advising manufacturers, venue owners, VCs, as well as makers of beacon software and hardware. Previously he was the Senior Director for Strategy and Solutions Management at Qualcomm's Retail Solutions Division, helping to incubate Gimbal, one of the leading Bluetooth beacons in the market.

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