Capstone Profile: Tyler Newman ’20, 1st Place Clear Coast Systems

Tyler Newman ’20 has had a passion for business since he was young. Originally from Suffern, New York, Newman is pursuing a double major in finance and marketing at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. Newman’s time at Syracuse has given him the platform to follow his passion.

In December, Newman was a part of the winning team for the fall semester Whitman Capstone competition. Their business idea, Clear Coast Systems (CCS), is a humane shark deterrent system that utilizes the power of electromagnetism. CCS works by overlapping electromagnetic buoys, creating a safe swimming zone at beaches and keeping sharks away from the coast. This allows popular beaches to remain open in peak-season, decreases negative media coverage on sharks, increases safety for beachgoers and helps protect the shark population.

Newman’s group came up with the idea while analyzing current issues in society. They noticed that Cape Cod tourism took a big hit due to great white shark sightings, and got to work researching solutions. Their main goal was to develop a sound business plan that answered the main objective of their product: to create a deterrent system and decrease the surrounding fear of sharks. CCS aims to resolve an ongoing issue for more than just one group of people – it satisfies the requests of beach owners, beachgoers and shark conservationists.

Throughout the semester the group faced many challenges, including questions surrounding logistics, the selling model and financials. After critique and guidance from their professor, they went back to the drawing board and worked out new scenarios.

“It was a very timely process, but one thing the team did well was work as one. We were united and accountable for the work that we did, and it was the best way to get through,” Newman explains.

He recalls that seeing the final printed version of the project after all of the time and dedication put into each section of their business plan was the most gratifying, and gave the group a sense of pride and achievement.

“Capstone taught me so much more than starting and developing a business idea,” Newman says. “It taught me the importance of communication and how important it is to collaborate with team members, which is something that I will carry with me into the future.”

Newman is grateful for the opportunities the Whitman School and Syracuse University have provided during his undergraduate career. On campus, he is involved in the Forever Orange Student Alumni Council, which bridges the divide between the student body and alumni of Syracuse. He is also a board member of the Sesquicentennial Steering Committee. Within the Whitman School, Newman is the Class Act Ambassador, one of the Lead Whitman Ambassadors for tours and a brother of the Xi Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi.

After graduation Newman will be joining Synchrony Financial in July 2020 as a member of the Business Leadership Program, working in sales and client relationship management. 

“I am sad to see my time here start to draw to a close as my Capstone project is officially complete,” Newman says. “I would love to voice my gratitude and appreciation to all of those who I’ve come across during my time at Syracuse and Whitman. I look forward to coming back in the future to hire the future leaders of tomorrow.”

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