#WhitmanWatch: Sarina Sherman ’21

Most students say goodbye to their high school jobs once they’re ready for college, but, for Sarina Sherman ’21 (WHIT/NEW), it was only the beginning of a potential career. 

“I worked for Nordstrom in high school. After a few years, I knew I liked retail. I was always a nerd about how the business worked and the strategy side,” explains Sherman. 

She took advantage of a fashion ambassador program at Nordstrom, which enabled students to learn from company leadership and see what retail looks like behind the scenes.

Being a student at Syracuse University has opened endless opportunities for Sherman to apply her knowledge and skills. She has served as the social media director for Alpha Xi Delta, vice president of professional events for Delta Sigma Pi and as an account supervisor for Hill Communications, which is a student-run public relations firm on campus.

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Sherman also keeps in touch with the retail world by fulfilling the role of a campus coordinator for Rent the Runway, a subscription fashion service. She shares, “I manage about seven other students, post on social media and organize events based around a theme each month.” Sherman has also been able to take part in meetings with corporate employees and buyers for Rent the Runway.

Sherman often advertised events that she manages for Rent the Runway to her friends in Delta Sigma Pi and her sorority. “That’s one thing that I love about being involved on campus. It’s nice connecting all my networks,” says Sherman.

“My family always jokes that I’m like a kid in the candy store and want to do everything possible. It’s a strength and a weakness.” Sherman’s ambitions and multiple interests are what made choosing Syracuse University an easy decision for her.

“Every school I visited, I had to choose between communication and business, but I loved the tie between the two and wanted a school that supported a dual major,” she says. Sherman is a dual major in the retail management program at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management and a public relations major at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Additionally, she is earning a minor in information science from the School of Information Studies.

Sherman’s advice to prospective students is to find your passion and to stay positive throughout the college decision process. “I think you have to do what makes you feel giddy and find a place you’re eager to get involved in,” she says. 

When it is time to decide on your major, Sherman advises, “try out everything.” She encourages new students to explore the diverse courses that the Whitman School offers and to make a variety of friends.

“Syracuse University is open to letting students create their own paths. The Whitman School’s foundation and the Goodman IMPRESS program builds you into a strong business student. It’s important to me to never be pigeonholed into one program because I’m indecisive. The University supports experimenting, which I couldn’t find anywhere else,” says Sherman.

Sherman has gathered plenty of experience during her time at Syracuse University, but she has no plans on slowly down. As she prepares to graduate next spring, she is already working on her next goal: finding a retail position in New York City.

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