Whitman Career Fair Who’s Who

The Whitman Career Fair can be one of the most pivotal events in a student’s 4-years at Syracuse. The purpose of the career fair is to create relationships between students and employers.  If done right, it can lead to significant success for senior students who are looking for a job placement. With over 85 different companies coming to the Carrier Dome on Monday, Sept. 28 from 5:00 – 8:00PM, there are bound to be opportunities for life-changing handshakes.

Be on the lookout for businesses in unique fields. Macy’s may be a clothing retail store, but offers plenty of options in finance and accounting as well. Larger corporations such as GEICO, Amazon and PepsiCo are looking for a variety of applicants to fill gaps in all relevant fields. Do not overlook a company because it does not have a household name. Many interesting and prestigious companies will be present at the Dome; it is important to find the best fit for you. Below is an inside look on a few companies that will be present.


EY (Ernst & Young)

As one of the big four accounting firms, EY is a respected global name. Looking to build a better working world, EY is searching for Whitman students who can create a legacy. Listed on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, every Accounting student should shake hands with an EY recruiter.


JP Morgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan Chase & Co continues its long standing tradition of success by being the leading global financial services firm. With over 200,000 employees, JP Morgan Chase & Co. looks for the best talent coming out of Syracuse University to compete in the financial world. A valued name in the industry, JP Morgan Chase & Co. was ranked one of the world’s most attractive employers.



IBM is a technology innovator trying to create a positive impact on the world. IBM provides global solutions to cities, businesses and everyday consumers. Making breakthrough experiences every day, IBM wants students with a passion for work that matters. Most Importantly, IBM is looking for bright students who can help make the world a smarter place.



As one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, PepsiCo has a portfolio of brands people know and love. With a vast area of well known products, PepsiCo is looking for people who can innovate the industry and work in diverse settings. PepsiCo is a corporation filled with stories and is looking for students who can communicate its ideals.

Real Estate

CPEX Real Estate

Founded only a short time ago, CPEX Real Estate provides real estate services among other offerings. Offering business owners innovative operating platforms, CPEX implements cross functional approaches to all of their business aspects. CPEX Real Estate is a firm on the rise and wants students who can match CPEX’s enthusiasm and strive for success.


Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us’s mission is to bring joy to the lives of its customers and has accomplished this by being the world’s leading dedicated toy and baby products retailer. Toys “R” Us recently won awards for sustainability and community partnership. As a lively and energetic company, Toys “R” Us wants students who are highly engaged and want to work in a challenging yet fun environment.                         

The ability to make connections at the career fair is key. The Whitman Career Center houses a complete list of companies on OrangeLink and is adding companies until the day of the Career Fair. Make sure to check out the Career Center’s tips for students before going to the Career Fair. Good Luck!

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