Student Credits Whitman, Prepared for Retail Career

In this “Internship Experience” blog post series, we will be featuring the profile and thoughts of our students from Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management as they reflect on their internship experience over the last year.

Name: Feeras Habbab
Graduation Year: 2022
Majors: Retail Management / Marketing Management
Hometown: Fair Lawn, NJ
Internship Company/Title: Macy’s – Pricing Intern for Women’s Shoes

Describe your position and some of your daily tasks?

As a member of the pricing team, I was able to be a part of insightful meetings and collaborations within the shoe department. We discussed all kinds of topics for our summer goals that ranged from adjusting our pricing strategy, meeting with individual buyers to discuss which items will have a POS or PERM price and so much more. On top of this, I was responsible for collaborating with group project members for a company contest to develop an excel in digital shopping initiative. Independently, I completed minor tasks like transferring SKU and pricing info from an excel sheet into the company’s product information management program. 

How did you land your internship?

I landed my internship through Alicin Welsh’s RMT 333 class. Last year, Alicin Welsh invited Macy’s executives to discuss with the students about the upcoming internship opportunity that the company was offering next summer. I enjoyed the executives talking about the core values of the company, as well as their experience as a Macy’s associate. Eventually, I met digitally with one of their recruiters during the college fair and felt as if this company was a great fit for me. I applied to the internship program and was given the chance to go through the interview process. By the end of October, I was offered a spot.

What did you learn from your internship experience?

The biggest lesson I took from my internship experience is the significance of teamwork. I did not go a single day in my internship without communicating with someone from a different department whether that was merchandising, buying and supply chain. This kind of communication was crucial to getting work done as not all departments have the same information, data and thinking process. Working for a large company like Macy’s was a big eye-opener to see how different departments rely on each other to produce efficient results together. 

Has your experience changed your plans or career choice when you leave college?

Absolutely. I am now certain that the retail industry is where I am heading post-graduation. Back when I declared my major, I had small doubts that I would not be happy studying retail and marketing. After this internship experience, I can’t imagine myself in any other field. 

How will your internship experience help you after graduation?

This internship experience will help me post-graduation. I can take the skills and abilities I developed throughout my internship experience and apply them in my future job. Recruiters will gain a better understanding of the kind of employee that I am when they see this internship listed as one of my experiences. 

How has the Whitman School prepared you for your internship?

The Whitman School has prepared me for my internship in so many ways. I’ve been to multiple resume workshops, career fairs and various skill-building events that are all facilitated through Whitman. On top of these resources, the counseling team at Whitman is extremely supportive. They’re always willing to help the students and answer any kinds of questions you might have. 

What did you enjoy most about your experience?

I enjoyed the kindness and not-so-hectic work environment the most about my internship experience. All of my co-workers in the department welcomed me with positive energy and smiles. They always encouraged me to ask questions about anything I was confused about, recognized my hard work, and made mental health a top priority over getting work done. Each person I’ve worked with within the company has always been so sincere and willing to help and I think that is a great quality for a company’s employees to have. 

Do you have any advice for students who are looking for an internship?

Look at all of your options and opportunities that you can utilize before selecting a company to intern for. Once you begin your internship search, you will realize just how broad the business market is. You can work for a large company like Kohl’s or Macy’s, or something smaller like a local retail chain. Create a list of companies that you potentially want to work for and do your research. Refine your list until you get down to the company that you believe is the best fit for yourself. Utilize all the internship/career fair opportunities in RMT 333 as this class will be a lifesaver!

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