Five Tips for an Unbeatable Resume

It’s time to start polishing off your resume. Whether you’re starting a new internship, hunting for a job or just preparing to attend networking events, it’s an important time to make sure that your resume is up-to-date. Check out some of our tips for making sure your resume is in top shape by Whitman’s Career Services office.

Tailor it to each job or internship

Make sure that your resume emphasizes the skills and experiences most relevant to the job or internship description to which you’re applying. Especially if you have more than enough content to fill the page, adjust your resume to ensure that it includes specific details about your responsibilities that would interest an interviewer.

Keep information current

Double-check to ensure that your contact information, list of relevant coursework, GPA, dates and any other time-sensitive information has been updated since your last resume refresh. Make sure your verb tenses are correct when discussing current and former roles—manage social media versus managed social media.

Make space for additions

As you enter the later stages of your college career, you may begin to find yourself pressed for space to fit all your new experiences on one page. After the conclusion of your sophomore year is a good time to begin removing experiences from high school to make room for more current and more relevant information.

Cultivate visual appeal

While content comes first, the visual appeal of a resume is just as important. Make sure that your spacing and formatting are consistent, and choose a font that accurately reflects you as a candidate. Don’t be afraid to play with the layout and design in a few different copies to find what you like best.

Remove unnecessary details

In the United States, resumes should not include any personal details such as age, gender, religion or marital status. Do not include photos, salary expectations or history, references, or visible charts and tables that may be distracting to a reader. Pare your resume down to the most essential, pertinent information only.

For more tips on building and perfecting your resume, check out SU’s Career Services site or stop by Whitman Career Services in Suite 115. With information on getting started, FAQs and sample resumes for every type of student, there’s a wealth of information available to help ensure that your resume is ready to go for summer 2016!