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Internship Experience: James Carver, Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs Summer Analyst Intern at Bank of America

Internship Experience: James Carver, Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs Summer Analyst Intern at Bank of America

In this “Internship Experience” blog post series, we will be featuring the profile and thoughts of our students from Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management as they return from summer internships.

Name: James Carver
Graduation Year: May 2020
Major(s): Finance / Public Relations
Hometown: Wayland, MA
Intern Company/Title: Bank of America – Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs Summer Analyst Intern

Describe your position and some of your daily tasks?
I helped support Merrill’s Global Wealth Investment Management media relations team. Some of my daily tasks included drafting media briefings for Merrill executives to utilize during media interviews and presentations, as well as assisting in the management and execution of roundtable discussions with industry reporters and Merrill executives. I worked on a summer-long project with five fellow interns to connect individuals in LMI communities to Bank of America’s products and services.

How did you land your internship?
I applied to this position directly through the company’s website in mid-October. I heard back about the first round of interviews in February. I had two interviews and then an offer was extended two weeks after the second interview concluded. I did not have to interview in person, because I was abroad in Hong Kong, conducting video interviews at 3 a.m. (which was fun).

What did you learn from your internship experience?
What I learned from my internship experience is that the intersection between media, finance and networking is highly important, and actually very fun. I learned that working within media relations you need to be a strong storyteller and great at forging, building and maintaining relationships. When you combine media relations with finance, you have to be able to understand the companies numbers at a high level and what they mean, so you can effectively boil down the numbers down into a cohesive and understandable message for reporters and public statements. Lastly, I learned the best way to be successful at your specific company is to love the product and the market and be sure that the people around you inspire you.

Has your experience changed your plans or career choice when you leave college?
My experience has slightly changed my plans for after college. I now intend to pursue a career in investor relations, either in-house or at an investor relations agency. Additionally, my experience at Bank of America helped me explore my passion for business development in the technology sector, specifically fintech.

How will your internship experience help you after graduation?
My internship experience will help me after graduation because it provided me with tons of work experience, knowledge and a strong network.

How has the Whitman School prepared you for your internship?
Whitman prepared me for my internship by teaching me the ins and outs of the financial services industry. My educational background in finance provided me with the confidence necessary to creatively and effectively assist in daily tasks surrounding media relations at a bank.

What did you enjoy most about your experience?
What I enjoyed most about my experience were the friendships that I formed with my fellow interns. During the first week, we were co-workers. By when the final week came, we were friends. (Wicked cliché, but undoubtedly true).

Do you have any advice to students who are looking for an internship?
I have a lot of advice for students… Network. Stay curious and attentive. Be a sponge and soak up information. Remain positive and optimistic. Keep an open mind and open ears. Send out tons of applications, the more you send out, the more interviews (and practice) you will gain. Lastly, regarding the interview process, I have found that the quality of the interview ultimately comes down to the quality of the questions you have prepared. Good luck!

Karley Warden