Internship Experience: Dylan Wheeler, Communications Intern at Colorado Avalanche

In this “Internship Experience” blog post series, we will be featuring the profile and thoughts of our students from Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management as they return from summer internships.

Name: Dylan Wheeler
Graduation Year: May 2020
Major(s): Finance / EEE
Minor(s): Sport Analytics
Hometown: Golden, Colorado
Intern Company/Title: Colorado Avalanche (KSE) – Communications Intern

Describe your position and some of your daily tasks?
I worked in the front office, mainly with the communications staff and the website manager. I assembled a media clips packet every morning that I distributed to everyone in the office and other executives. I wrote several player prospect profiles in preparation for the 2019 NHL Draft and a draft preview for the Avalanche, all of which were published on the team’s website. I learned AP style formatting and transcribed quotes from conference calls. I also completed an analytics project in preparation for the NHL Draft.

How did you land your internship?
I reached out to the organization at the beginning of the year and tried to stay in touch throughout the year regarding any internship opportunities. I applied when the internship was posted at the end of the spring semester and had a phone interview.

What did you learn from your internship experience?
I learned AP style formatting and how to work with other people in very different roles. Each position plays an important role to the organization. I learned a little bit about how a front office functions on a day-to-day basis.

Has your experience changed your plans or career choice when you leave college?
By making new connections with people, it has opened doors for me. It also helped me find out what I enjoyed doing and do not like doing.

How will your internship experience help you after graduation?
I will be able to apply some of the skills and knowledge I gained in my future job. This experience has allowed me to make connections with people that are willing to give me advice and mentor me. This position is something I will add to my resume and talk about in future job interviews for positions that are similar.

How has the Whitman School prepared you for your internship?
I have learned at Whitman I was able to apply the Excel skills that I have learned at Whitman when working on the analytics project. That was valuable to my overall internship experience.

What did you enjoy most about your experience?
I enjoyed the opportunity I had to work as an intern in the front office and also enjoyed meeting new people that shared similar interests. I learned from people who have experience in the field I want to get into. I also had the satisfaction of completing a project I had worked on throughout my experience and it was received well by those around me in the office.

Do you have any advice to students who are looking for an internship?
If there is an internship you want, even if it is not in your field of study, go for it! I applied for a communications internship as a finance and EEE double major, with a sports analytics minor, but was still able to get the internship and apply things I was interested in during my time there. I learned things that I wouldn’t have learned doing other internships closer related to my programs of study and feel well-rounded because of it.

Kimmy Kimball