Day-in-the-Life Interning for Charles Schwab

In this “Day-in-the-Life” blog post series, we will be featuring the profile and internship experience of our students from Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management as they reflect on what a typical day in their internship role looks like.

Name: Anika Medrano ’23 (WHIT/iSchool) 
Majors: Management and Information Management & Technology
Internship Title/Company: Digital Product Management Intern at Charles Schwab

Describe your position and what it entails?

I am a digital product management intern in the digital services area of Charles Schwab. In this position, I am tasked with attending meetings surrounding app platform health and updates. Additionally, I work on an all-encompassing project to add new features to the app. This project involves using competitive analysis, data analytics surrounding reviews and user insights and going through the process of collaborating with developers to help bring an idea into a tangible app feature. 

What does a typical day in your role look like? 

A typical day in my role will begin with heading into the office by 9 a.m. and attending a daily meeting that goes over where the team is within the sprint. This meeting is the most insightful for me because it gives me a clear idea of what each team is working on. Whether it is iOS, Android or MoM (Middleware) I learn if there are any blockers in the projects that each developer is working on. 

After the daily meeting, the rest of my day varies. Sometimes I am in meetings throughout the day which may involve insight into different projects or simply planning chats with different employees throughout the company to learn more about their roles and experience at Charles Schwab.  

If I do not have many meetings planned for the day, I am most likely continuing to work on my project and sorting through our customer reviews to find common trends to discuss with my mentor on what issues are most important to solve first. 

Charles Schwab’s Austin campus has a beautiful outdoor area and walking trail so during my breaks throughout the day, I take the opportunity to go outside and get my steps in. 

What do you look forward to most coming into work?

My favorite part of being an intern is the team I get to work with this summer. They are willing to slow down meetings to help me understand fully what is going on and explain what they are talking about. My mentor specifically has been the most incredible resource. She has helped me with feeling comfortable in my position and has been my biggest cheerleader throughout my project. My mentor remembered what I was interested in during my interview and put together this project for me which included what I wanted to gain more experience doing.

How did you land this internship?

I heard about this internship through a classmate in the iSchool. After researching more about it, I decided to apply on a whim. 

How has Whitman prepared you for this internship? 

Going into an internship at a financial institution was daunting. However, having the base level of knowledge surrounding the financial world through the finance classes I have had to take helped a lot to understand priorities for features. 

What have you learned so far from this experience?

I have learned so much about the application development process from my role here at Charles Schwab. Additionally, I have gained more technical knowledge about the field and how to collaborate with developers which have been very enriching. 

Anna Rooney