Career Tips: How to Become a 10X Intern

The goal of an internship is to gain experience while positioning yourself for a full-time job after college. While some internships can lead to an offer after completion, it’s always important to stand out to capitalize on your opportunities and prepare yourself for new ones.

So how do you stand out and become a star intern? To get a better idea of this, let’s turn to the Silicon Valley term of a “10X engineer,” which is used to describe an engineer who is (figuratively) 10 times more productive than their counterparts.

In essence, someone who is “10X” is simply more effective, capable and able to accomplish more in their work. While this is a broad concept, it can pertain to any role; and with that specific strategies can be formulated for achieving this status.

To become a 10X intern during your time at Syracuse University, listed below are five tips for success recommended by Career Center Services at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management:

Tip #1: Be Inquisitive

The best way to learn is to ask questions and lots of them! Your supervisors certainly won’t expect you to know everything, and while they will explain your role to you, asking questions will ultimately show interest. Don’t be afraid to ask a question, whether it pertains to your current task or particular facets of the company, because you want to learn as much as possible. By doing this, you will become an expert!

Tip #2: Network

While you’ve already landed an internship, your networking shouldn’t cease. Connect with as many individuals at the company or within the department as you can. After all, you may be working with them someday, so try to grab coffee or lunch with whomever you can!

Tip #3: Show Your Skills

Don’t hesitate to leverage your current skill set. Highlight your strengths in sharing your knowledge, which can be several things. Whether you’re a guru with Excel or an amazing public speaker, let others know! This can allow you to find ways to incorporate your skills in your present tasks, as well as possibly acquire new ones, which will ultimately help you find where to stand out.

Tip #4: Be Engaged

This applies to show up and be ready for work, but also in making an effort to go the extra mile. During your internship, it’s important to find ways to be involved in the company beyond your job description. Offer to help on other tasks or projects, volunteer to do something for someone, or even join a company group.

Tip #5: Stay Connected

While your internship will come to a close, the connections you’ve made certainly shouldn’t. Keep in contact with your team and supervisors, such as by sending periodic updates on your academic and career progress since the internship. Whether you’ve landed a full-time offer or not, or have yet to find out, make sure to reach out to those you’ve met and thank them for their part in your experience.

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