IVMF Program Offers Civilian Career Training Services for Military Members and Spouses

Syracuse University is consistently ranked highly among schools best for veterans. The Whitman School of Management specifically creates programs and initiatives to help veterans and their families transition out of the lifestyle an active member of the military holds.

One recent initiative to provide civilian career training to military members and spouses is called Onward to Opportunity (O2O). The program has been specially tailored to train veterans through collaboration between the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF), the Schultz Family Foundation and the Department of Defense.

The program has developed partnerships with different employers in a variety of industries in order to help veterans be appropriately placed in a job opportunity.

As a military member or spouse of a military member, this program helps identify interests and skills with a job opportunity or career path. Each member of the program will receive customized attention including a blend of classroom and distance learning. Finally, the program works to maximize the employability of each one of its participants through learning the basics of civilian employment skills and then becoming more specific once an interest and specific path have been identified.

For employers that are interested in partnering with Syracuse University on this initiative, it can help connect the business to military talent earlier in the transition process to allow ample time to understand the skill set of the transitioning military member. Companies are also asked to be involved in designing and implementing the program in a way that will be the most beneficial to all parties. Being a part of this program also helps employers streamline their military employment process.

Whether on the employment or employer side of this program, it proves itself beneficial and the IVMF is excited to have introduced this new initiative to keep Syracuse University on the cutting edge of veteran services.

For more information about Onward to Opportunity, please visit the website.

Sarah Graham