Dear Whitman Alumni: August Message from Cindie Adams
It is amazing that a year has passed since I arrived in Syracuse and began working with Whitman alumni. I would like to thank all of you who have welcomed and worked with me. As the first person in this role, there was no playbook to follow. I relied on past experiences and intuition as well as the support of Whitman faculty and staff. But, mostly, I took my lead from you. Together, we achieved some significant successes.

Kevin Varadian ‘97: The Freedom to Sink or Succeed
“The independence I had during my time at SU and Whitman was something I had never had before. No one was telling me where I had to be and what book to bring. If I didn’t show up for class, I only hurt myself. I had the freedom to sink or succeed. It was real autonomy to be an adult, and that was a real gift Syracuse gave me.”

Whitman Launches “Alumni Entrepreneur of the Month”
Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises is a flagship department at the Whitman School. The list of Whitman alumni who have launched a business is long with companies at every stage of operation and with many success stories among it. Each month, we will feature one of our alumni entrepreneurs.

Alumni of the Week for August Alumni Connections
Meet the Alumni of the Week for the August issue of Alumni Connections. Among them are a music industry entrepreneur, a budding real estate executive, an assistant buyer at Ross Stores, Inc. and a mother of two who leads marketing and communications at a health care company.

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