Whitman Alumni Testimonials from Around the World

The Orange Network spans all around the globe, from the United States to Asia and beyond. Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management alumni are an integral part of our community.

During the 2019 Whitman International Week, the Graduate Student Organization and Olivia and Walter Kiebach Center for International Business Studies brought international activities to campus to celebrate the international diversity that all of us bring to the Whitman community. This week students participated in sporting events, as well as celebrate different cultures with an international cultural expo.

Whitman alumni were asked to share something about their time as international students, as well as how Whitman welcomed and prepared them for life after Whitman. Here are testimonials from some of our global alumni:

“As an international student, my decision to join Whitman was one of the most rewarding and productive experiences that helped me to accelerate my professional career while finding a ‘home’ away from home. During my time at Whitman, I was warmly welcomed by students, faculty and staff, creating unbreakable bonds with people from all over the world. At the same time, I was able to participate and win business competitions, support the Syracuse community and gain an overall understanding of what it takes to successfully grow a business anywhere in the world. Syracuse University and Whitman provided me with the knowledge, resources and tools that have allowed me to lead my professional career in a journey of constant growth after graduation.”

-Gabby Escalante ’16 (EEE and Marketing Management dual major)
Assistant Financial Accountant at CBS Studios/Business Coach and Founder at EBA
From El Salvador

“Whitman has opened my eyes to the modern business world as well as the foundational view of American business. When I started my career in advertising, holistic knowledge and acumen in marketing management helped me feel engaged in what I did. As I advanced my career in digital analytics and played a senior role in the company, the know-how from statistics, technical writing and leadership courses helped shape me into a competent and relevant professional in Asia Pacific.”

-Christine Ho ’01 (Marketing Management major)
(Previously) Media Intelligence Director at Omnicom Media Group
From Hong Kong

“As a first-ever Georgian student at Whitman, it was important for me to have a welcoming environment and opportunities to integrate with students from different cultures. I was surprised by the support and love that international students receive here. We international students were always encouraged to share insights from our countries and cultures, which made class discussions and project group work more engaging and interesting. There were various programs and recourses specifically designed for international students, such as the alumni mentorship program, which helped me not only in my integration with the U.S. culture but also find a job after graduation.”

-Mariam Kvantaliani ’19 MBA
Senior Financial Analyst at Superior Plus Energy Services
From Georgia

“Pursuing a graduate degree can be intellectually stimulating as well as challenging, especially when you are studying in a foreign country. However, faculty members and students from all backgrounds at Whitman were very welcoming and made my experience extremely pleasant. It was a great time in my life, and my degree gave me all the tools and acumen that was required to compete and excel in a corporate environment. I am grateful for the myriad of people at Whitman who helped me shape my career.”

-Lakshdeep Singh ’11 MBA (Marketing and Supply Chain Management concentrations)
Principal of Commercial Effectivenessat IQVIAInc.
From India

“A supportive and inquisitive peer group, highly insightful professors, a collaborative learning environment and a wealth of opportunities were the highlights of the transformational MBA experience that I had at Whitman. As a 25-year-old who had already experimented with various career choices – from dancing to advertising to financial sales – the Whitman MBA program gave me a clear direction and the confidence to pursue a career in financial research, which would eventually lead me to take up a career in risk management. Now, after a decade passed since my time at Whitman, I manage the model risk management function in India, for a large European bank, with the responsibility to assess risks in over 300+ models with 50+ highly qualified professionals across various of areas of model risk. Whitman has helped me to get here in my career.”

-Karthik Trilok ’09 MBA (Finance concentration)
Director of Home Country at Deutsche Bank
From India

“Whitman is certainly a melting pot of different cultures. As an international student, from Hong Kong, I never felt out of place, as the school created an atmosphere that was welcoming and encouraging, allowing us to be interactive and sociable. Through each class I took at Whitman, I was able to tweak my mindset and gain a better understanding of the fundamentals in different aspects of a business. The capstone course was certainly one of the highlights, as it was the perfect way to wrap up and apply everything that I’ve learned over the years at Whitman. With a team of passionate and knowledgeable professors, supplemented by a vast array of learning resources. Whitman has well-equipped me with the necessary skill set to pursue a career in finance after graduation.”

-Horace Tse ’13 (Management major)
Trader at Hedge Fund
From Hong Kong

“Whitman is the reason for who I am today. My education provided me a great platform to enhance skills in leadership and operations management, as well as help to accelerate my career path. The business acuity that I acquired at Whitman has gradually shaped my life goals. As an international alum, I always considered Whitman my second home. I’ve been nourished with diverse knowledge by experienced faculties and endless energies with my dynamic study groups during my time in the MBA program, as well as in MSBA program. The Whitman Career Center is also a great resource to help international students learn about corporate America. It played a key role in helping me land an internship and first full-time job after graduation. Thanks for all the support I received during my time at Whitman and after graduation.”

-Lu Yin ’14 MBA, ’19 M.S. in Business Analytics
Senior Consultant and Business Performance Partner at Cardinal Health Inc
From China

The Whitman community is proud of alumni accomplishments. Shared experiences continue to play an important role in promoting personal and professional growth and lifelong learning. If you are an alum interested in looking for a resource to stay connected to the Whitman community, please visit our Alumni and Friends page.

Kimmy Kimball